I don’t know if it’s just that time of the year but my work team is driving me absolutely insane!!!!!  As I’ve written many a time before, I love the company that I work for and I enjoy working in my team.  I also know that I have a very good job, and I’m blessed to be in the job that I’m in, earning a good salary. 

Recently, we moved desks (this is always a MAJOR thing – honestly, who cares, a desk is a desk!).  Along with this move, we have also been given a new manager.  To say we’ve had issues with this guy in the past is an understatement of note!  We’ve worked with him for about a year already and every.single.thing we’ve done with him has either failed or is still incomplete.  Some people in our team have issues with him on a personal level – I can’t say that I’m one of those people, but our relationship has not exactly been the greatest. 

So when we were told by our previous manager that this change was going to happen, you can imagine that we were very vociferous when we were asked to provide him with feedback.  We had a few meetings with various people in management, including our new manager as well, and we all voiced our concerns on numerous occasions.   Of course, voicing your concern is one thing, but in reality, management had already made the decision and voicing our concerns made absolutely no difference…we were moved four days later much to the dismay of my colleagues.  Being a person who easily expresses myself, I of course did say exactly how I felt about the move and about our new manager.  I even told him face-to-face about my gripes that I had with him, but once we had vented and the decision was made, I let it go.  Let’s be honest here, not only do I have no option but to move desks and fall under a new manager (I couldn’t exactly throw my toys out of the proverbial cot and walk out the building leaving myself unemployed) but next year, this is the same dude that will be giving me a bonus!  Heeelllooooo???!!!!  There is NO WAY I’m going to shoot myself in the foot and resist the change forever and a day.  So my thoughts were that I’d voice my concerns, make it clear how I feel and then just move on with it. 

Working with a bunch of adults, you’d think that we could all do this but nooooooo, that’s not what’s happening.  It’s a good month after the move and this guy is really trying very hard.  He’s going out of his way to accommodate us, being extra friendly, very supportive and really trying to be more involved in our team as I think a good manager should.  Of course, my team see this as ridiculous – they think he’s trying too hard, that he’s eerily friendly and awkward and that he’s taking an unnecessary interest in each of us and our personal lives.  They have something to say about every.single.thing that he says.  We spend lunches and coffees discussing our new manager and new team, the “silly” team building events that they’ve invited us to (the new team that we now form part of – even though my previous manager said that we were not going to form part of their team and that things would stay exactly as is except that we’d be sitting in a new place with a new manager – are very close and do tons of team events together – of course you can’t please everybody and of course, the things that they enjoy…and I mean EVERYTHING that they’ve invited us to so far…my team think are ridiculous, unnecessary and inappropriate)…so, being the adult that I am, making the best of the situation, I spend lunches and coffees trying to defend the new manager, the new business strategy that will affect us going forward and the team builds that we’ve been invited to.  Afterall, who wants to come to work miserable every day arguing about every single thing. 

I’m grateful for my job!!! – it pays our bills and puts food on our table and a roof over our head.  I’m hoping that my team will get tired of the constant whining and realize that it’s just a job and that the more co-operative they are, the more productive and successful we will be as a team.  I’m also hoping that the holiday will make us all feel refreshed and maybe put a more positive spin on our current situation…the only problem is that “grumpy pants” who I referred to here – Grumpy Pants – the most resistant to change and the person who has a serious personal gripe with our new manager isn’t going on leave at all and is “manning the fort” while we’re all way…here’s hoping that she has a change of heart in the new year 🙂


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  1. lorna says:

    that’s good jodie, don’t sit on the fence, should i , should’nt. you did well , say what you have to say, and move on. life is tooooo short to have bad vibes and bickering with work mates. carry on ,and be happy every day, no matter what

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