This weekend was the weekend that we’ve been waiting for for ages – Ethan’s first birthday party! Being the “practical parents” that I think we are, we kept everything low key.  In our family, birthdays are HUGE so I definitely want Ethan to be aware of birthdays and realise the importance of his “special day” from a very young age. 

On the morning of his birthday, last week Wednesday, we lit a candle in a cupcake for him, sang Happy Birthday to him and gave him his present from us (a shape sorter in the shape of a house with colour coded keys for each of the different doors) and two other presents from friends of ours and tried to make a very big fuss of him all morning.  Ethan’s nana and grandpa called at 7am to sing to him over the phone and my sister took him to a kiddies play centre just before lunch where I met them for a little while.  My cousin and her family came over in the evening and we did the traditional cake and tea, and overall, I think that the day was as special for us as we tried to make it for our little boy. 


Happy birthday big boy!

So of course we were gonna have a party – I mean, who wouldn’t!!  But I was adamant that I’d only have over the friends and family that we know who actually have kids – I was NOT having a “bust up” for the adults which seems to be the “norm” for babies early year birthday parties these days.  On Friday afternoon, I popped by the shops – I bought matching party hats, plates, cups, serviettes, party bags and snacks for the kiddies and adults.  I got up early on Saturday morning (note…GOT UP, not woke up…Murphy’s Law, Ethan slept till 7:30am on Saturday as opposed to his usual 5am wake so he was woken by mum frantically baking) and baked Ethan a worm cake from scratch (yup, from scratch!) and after our usual swimming lesson, Ethan had his morning nap and the hubster and I finished setting up for our little guests and their parents.  Ethan’s cousins and friends arrived (all four of them) just after 2pm and we sat around and chatted, ate snacks and let the small babas play with the few toys in the garden.  Angelo also put out our splash pool for the first time – it’s just a small plastic pool, it doesn’t even need to be blown up!! – and let’s just say that Ethan thoroughly enjoyed himself, so much so that the other two babas were too afraid to get into the pool which worked pretty well for Ethan as he got to have the pool all to himself 🙂  Ethan LOVES water and made sure that he maximised his time in the pool, crawling, splashing a lot and screaming with excitement!!!!!!  Our last guests left just after 5pm and after a light supper and a much needed bath, Ethan hit the sack.

Today, Ethan attended his first birthday party (other than his own of course).  Kai, a son of a friend of ours, is only 5days younger than Ethan and was at Ethan’s birthday party yesterday.  His dad BBM’d Angelo last night to say that Ethan should pack in his swimming costume for the party today too.  Of course, we were quite curious to see how Ethan would react to the pool at Kai’s party today.  Yesterday, he was obviously in the comfort of his own home, around people he knows and the pool was his own.  Today, he knew nobody and the pool wasn’t his, neither was the house we were visiting so we thought Ethan would be a little bit shy and nervous to get into the pool.  Boy were we wrong!!!  The minute he spotted the water, he bolted for it.  In fact, he saw the big pool first, not the blow up pool and to appease him, we had to show him the small pool which of course meant that he wanted to get in immediately.  Ethan was just as wild, loud and excited as he had been yesterday.  He was the ONLY child in the pool which probably suited him just fine.  He crawled around, splashed about, screamed a lot and for some reason, kept trying to bite the pool.  It was funny initially (as most of the things babies do are!) but then became quite annoying as we kept on having to say “no Ethan” and “stop that Ethan” and between the hubster and I, we kept having to pull him away from the side of the pool.  And then the worst thing ever happened……..ETHAN BIT A HOLE IN THE SIDE OF THE POOL.  Shock, horror, disbelief!!!!!!  If there was one time I’d have wanted the earth to open up and swallow me, it was then!  I had no idea what to do.  I had visions of the pool deflating to the ground and the water gushing through the grass – Ethan sitting there flabbergasted and the guests searching high and low for the parents of this child while we hightailed it to the car sans Ethan!  I mumbled to Angelo that Ethan had bitten the pool hoping that nobody else heard me and that he would come up with a quick solution…I mean, surely he had gum in mouth that we could plug the hole with????  Needless to say, he looked at me with the same look of confusion and, yup, embarassment.  I mean, what do you do????  These people bought the pool just for the freaking party.  I could have died a thousand deaths.  I was torn between shouting at Ethan and giving him a tap on his bum and pretending I knew nothing about it but how could I when the pool was deflating right in front of our eyes!  So I casually mentioned to our friends that Ethan had unfortunately bitten a hole in the pool.  Of course, their reactionwas – ag, don’t worry, no stress, it’s just a pool…but then again, what could they say?  They couldn’t exactly throw a hissy fit and kick us out of the party?!  It is just a pool afterall but by this stage, I had taken Ethan out and started drying him.  So the mother of the birthday boy said I should put him back in, after all, he was having such fun. After realising that the pool was made up of three separate inflatable rings, I reluctantly put him back in, after all, he really was enjoying himself.  After a few minutes, Ethan started gravitating to the sides again and started trying to bite again and that’s when I decided that I wasn’t taking a chance.  For all I know, being ONE has some awesome super powers of understanding how toys are made and understanding exactly how to destroy them one bite at a time!!! 

Overall, I’m glad that Ethan had a good birthday and a good party weekend and I hope that God blesses him to see many many more birthdays 🙂  Love you boy xxx

Bite again





Swimming in the two ringed pool 🙂


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