…well, I WILL have once I’ve had my nine fillings! Yup, you read right – N.I.N.E fillings!!!! I seriously blame this on my pregnancy.  I generally have good teeth, I really do, and up until varsity days, my mum took us to the dentist probably every 6months so my teeth were well maintained! Okay, I must admit, when I started working, I could think of much better ways to spend my cash than going to the dentist twice a year, but I at least went annually and generally, besides a filling here and there, my teeth have been in pristine condition 🙂  

During my pregnancy, I didn’t visit the dentist once. My thinking was that I couldn’t get an anaesthetic, so if I needed a filling, it would have to wait until I could – why waste the money on an appointment for nothing other than a checkup??  After Ethan was born, I think I just delayed it more and more…you know that fear of going ‘cos you’re not sure what you’re in for?  I mean, how many people do you know that actually enjoy going to the dentist?  Of course, my teeth started to pain more and more (Murphy!!!!!) and I eventually had no choice but to go and yup, I was told that I need nine fillings!!!! As they can’t give me enough anaesthetics to do all four quadrants at once, my dentist recommended I do the fillings in four sessions i.e. one quadrant at a time…

I eventually plucked up the courage to get this process started and booked my first appointment for today and my next one for next week (we haven’t yet depleted the medical savings, may as well do so now as we only have 19days left till the end of the year anyway!).  Today’s appointment was 1.5hours long (the dentist was kind enough to not only split up the costs per quadrant on a quote, but he also indicated how long each would take…the next is a whole 2HOURS!!!!!) so I put on my “big girl panties” this morning and reluctantly headed to the dentist just before 10am for my appointment.  After the first injection which I “took like a man!”, the dentist got on his way and I was trying very hard to block everything out and just stare at the ceiling while listening to the muffled sounds of the radio when I got a terrible shooting pain on the tooth he was working on.  “Not a good sign” said the dentist and he proceeded to give me another injection on either side of the tooth that was paining.  He carried on with the other two teeth and when he got back to the “problem tooth”, it was still paining terribly every time he went near it with that awful drill of his.  FIVE INJECTIONS LATER, the tooth and the area around it were finally numb and just under an hour later, he was all done.

My back is aching – I was tense the entire time.  I mean, SERIOUSLY, why do they use such noisy tools???  While I was laying there, I was thinking – patients should use earphones to try and drown the noise out.  Seriously! It would make things a looottttt better.  It’s like those horror movies…if you block your ears so that you don’t hear the noise, you can watch the movie easily. I think that if I didn’t hear the noise of the tools on my teeth, I’d be quite happy 🙂  I mean, after five injections, I couldn’t feel anything so why was I so tense…maybe I can suggest it next time?!

I cannot wait for the next few hours to pass so that the feeling returns on the left side of my mouth 🙂  Soooo not looking forward to the next session!


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