Finally, the time we’ve been eagerly waiting for has arrived – the hubster and I have a week ALL to ourselves 🙂  It came so quickly and as the week is going by, I can see that it’s going to be over just as quickly as it came, but we’re really enjoying this “QT”.

On Saturday, as planned, the grandparents drove up from Durban to pick up little boy Ethan.  When they arrived, he was fast asleep after his usual Saturday morning swimming lesson but the minute he got up and heard his grandpa’s voice, he was all smiles and full of excitement!  That put us all more at ease as previously, Ethan’s taken a little while to get comfortable and re-acquainted with them as he doesn’t see them that often.  So the plan was that my folks would spend Saturday night and all of Sunday morning with us so that Ethan felt comfortable and so that they could “ease him” into being with them.  We spent most of Saturday watching master Howe playing in the garden and of course, my boy (must be the “Andrews genes” – hehe) showed off for nana and grandpa, showing them how he can stand on his own and how he can take a few steps by himself – and we watched on as proud as punch!  On Sunday morning, we went to church as usual and then onto breakfast, the usual routine before the folks head back home.  Angelo and I had lumps in our throats the entire morning.  This is the longest that we’ve been apart from Ethan so we did expect to be a bit sad – I just knew the tears were going to come when we said goodbye and of course…they came down in buckets as expected!!  Poor Ethan was probably looking at me thinking – what in the world is wrong with you mama?

After waving them off from the parking of Woodmead Value Mart (talk about!!! crying in the parking lot like somebody had died!!!!!), I we pulled ourselves together and got our shopping on in preparation for our housewarming party.  The afternoon went by quite uneventfully – we thoroughly enjoyed being able to sit together in silence staring out into the lovely afternoon sun – and at 4-ish, we started the braai and got the drinks out for our housewarming party.  We had such a great evening – we sat outside, drank and chatted and not once did I have to call it an early night or run after Ethan or prepare bottles and food for the night and next day…that’s not to say we didn’t miss him, but wow, when last have we had an uninterrupted adult evening – it’s been forever!!!!  Our last guest left close on midnight and we literally flopped in to bed for a well deserved full nights rest. 

Of course, I just knew that I’d be up at the crack of dawn!  I spent the morning with a cup of tea and a good book carefully planning out my morning ahead.  I knew that the hubster was going to make the most of his first morning that he could sleep in, so I headed off to the mall and did my Christmas shopping in all of two hours (boo-ya!).  We spent the rest of the public holiday lazing around, watching tv, reading, eating junk…pretty boring stuff, but again, some much needed rest time!

Yesterday it was back to work (no rest for the wicked!) but we bought take-out for dinner, didn’t bother to do any dishes from the night before, only moved from the couch to pick up dinner and we watched two whole movies with no interrupations whatsoever.  You know that guilty feeling of lazing around doing nothing for days on end – well, WE DON’T HAVE IT.  We seriously can’t think of anything better to do this week than to get some much needed rest and relaxation, guilt free I may add! 

On the other side of the country, Ethan is having an absolute ball!!!  I know that Ethan is in very capable hands and that he’s being spoilt rotten.  We are missing him terribly but it doesn’t really look like he’s missing us???…


Ethan walking up a storm with his walker!


Having fun on the swings…


Playing at the park


Checking out the bike with gramps!


All smiles on the slide 🙂

So tonight, we’re off for dinner with my sister in Parkhurst, an area that everybody always raves about that I’ve been to probably twice and Angelo’s never been to so we’re really looking forward to it!  Tomorrow night will probably be movies and then we’re toying with the idea of leaving for Durban on Friday (as opposed to Saturday as we’d originally planned).  We talk about Ethan and his funny quirks all the time and we can’t wait to see him…but for now, we’ll continue enjoying our “alone time” – who knows when we’ll get this time again! 🙂


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