We’ve been saying for a while now that Ethan’s going to walk any day (the same as we said about his crawling in fact and it was quite a while before he actually crawled!).  He’s been “cruising” for so long and he’s had very good use of his walker – he’s even able to walk holding it with only one hand and physically lifting it up to move it when he gets stuck in a corner or against a wall.  Our nanny was convinced that he’d walk before his 1st birthday but as the day approached, we both agreed that that was unlikely to happen although we both thought that Ethan was just a tad bit lazy and that once he’d taken the first step alone, he’d be moving around on his own pretty soon thereafter. 

At Ethan’s birthday party, one of the boys who’s just five days younger than him was already taking a few steps and standing on his own.  I’m convinced that this motivated Ethan to start walking…I know that people say that he’s too young to think things through and process stuff like we as adults do, but I’m still sure that it got him thinking about standing and walking alone.  We attended the same boy’s party the day after Ethan’s birthday party and again, Ethan seemed to be looking on in fascination as he attempted to move around on his own…and then, the very next day, Ethan got up and started trying to stand by himself and he even took a few steps.  Of course, I was so excited and couldn’t wait for Ethan to “show off” his skills to my folks which he happily did over the weekend that they were here.  When he left Jo’burg with them, he was literally only taking about 5steps at a time and I was quite surprised to hear my mum say just two days ago that since he’s been in Durban, he’s been walking happily with his walker but otherwise, he hasn’t been trying to walk at all.  That’s until yesterday…my mum sent me a message during the day to say that Ethan’s being “very ambitious” (her words, not mine 🙂 ) and trying to walk quite a bit.  By the evening, he was walking full steam, he hadn’t even been crawling at all and thanks to BBM (honestly, WHAT did people do before cellphones??), my mum was able to send us a video so that we could see it for ourselves! 

And just like that, our boy is walking all on his own 🙂

And so, another milestone has been reached!!!!  So proud of our not-so-little boy xxx


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