I had such a relaxing holiday and I’m feeling so rested that I even battled to do my first blog post for 2013 but finally, here it is!

Ethan’s week with my folks went very well and he was spoilt rotten all holiday as were we.  Just to have the extra hands around to help and not to mention the three weeks of sleeping “sans baby” was really amazing!!  I returned to work on Monday and got the usual responses from my colleagues when I asked about their holidays – “the holidays were too short”, “my maid was away so it was hectic with the kids”, “I didn’t get a rest at all” and for once, I was that person saying I AM TOTALLY RELAXED, I WAS READY TO COME BACK AND I REALLY ENJOYED MY HOLIDAY.  We did a lot of sitting around, relaxing and just chatting (Durban was terribly humid and sitting in the airconditioned house was a plus most days 🙂 ) and visited a few spots like the beach, shopping malls etc so it really felt like a well balanced holiday.  The hubster and I even went to a house party on New Years’ Eve – something we haven’t done in years – and despite the countless yawns before 10pm already, we managed to see the new year in with family and friends and partied till 2am, also something we haven’t done in years!!!!  Thanks mum and dad for making our holiday so special and for giving us a much needed break 🙂 🙂 🙂

Looking back on 2012, it really was a good year for us!  Yup, we had our ups and downs but overall, I think it was a good year.

Some of the highlights;-

–          Ethan celebrated his first birthday and achieved quite a few of his milestones which was absolutely amazing to see especially when he started walking in December.  Needless to say, we’re seriously BUSY now as we’re running after him constantly!

–          We bought a new, bigger house and finally moved out of “flat living”. 

–          We went away more than once in the year and managed to do a lot of “bonding” with our families. 

–          Financially, it was a very good year – minimal debt for a change 🙂

Some of the lessons learned;-

–          Live each day to the fullest, you only live once and you never know when your time will come.

–          There will always be people better off than you and there’ll always be people worse off than you – be grateful for what you have.

–          There’s nothing more special than family.

–          Kids may drive you crazy but they really are a blessing.

–          People will make promises and break them but life’s too short to sweat the small stuff. 

–          Learn to “hold your tongue” at times, even though you want to lash out at somebody – often saying less is better.

–          Arguing over social networks is just stupid (although very tempting) – people (including myself) are losing the ability to communicate face-to-face and often use social networks to hide behind!

All in all, it was a really great year.  Unfortunately, 2013 didn’t start on such a great note for me and by day 3, I was already wishing the year was over, but slowly, things are coming together and I know that through prayer and God’s help, my year can be just as great and even better than 2012. 

So to all of you who I haven’t seen or spoken to as yet – compliments of the season and a happy new year to you and your families.  May 2013 be a good one for you all 🙂



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  1. Zelda says:

    I like you, believe that 2013 will be a wonderful year filled with many blessings for me & my family. Keep your eyes focused on HIM ….. and the rest will follow

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