It’s absolutely amazing to watch children grow and it’s true what they say, kids really do grow up way too fast.  Last night, I popped over to my sister’s place with Ethan to drop off a bag she needed and as we were driving through to her (she lives about 5kms away from us), it dawned on me how much easier things are now that Ethan it not a “little baba” anymore.  Gone are the days that I’d pack his baby bag with more than 1 extra nappy, a milk bottle, a water bottle, a blanket just in case, a change of clothes, a dummy, toys to keep him occupied and a whole host of other things…last night, I just gave him his sippy cup in his car seat and threw in a snack and a dummy in my bag and we were on our way.  While Lauren and I chatted about the weekend ahead (we’re celebrating her birthday on Saturday – girls sushi and sundowners – cannot wait! 🙂 ), Ethan occupied himself by walking around her flat, through the bedroom door, onto the balcony, through the lounge door, giving us kisses every now and again and having a bite of his snacks as he passed me on his “adventures”.  As my mum often says, watching the world through your grandchild’s eyes (in my case, my child’s eyes) is just amazing.  He finds the smallest thing fascinating – even a little dirt mark on the floor needs to be explored!!

Lately, I’ve noticed that Ethan has developed much more of an understanding.  It’s literally happened over the last month.  I was chatting to our nanny about it yesterday and she agreed with me.  You can tell Ethan to fetch something, or pick up something, or do something for you and he completely understands. He’s even learned that nodding means yes.  As I would imagine is the case with most kids, he’s known that shaking of the head means no for a very long time!  This began when he started refusing to eat when I feed him (a story for another day…).  A few days ago, I noticed that he was nodding his head and shaking it as well as if trying out the different “head shakes”, then yesterday I asked him a few questions and he literally nodded his head in answer.  The cutest was when I asked if he wanted to give his nana a call and he nodded in agreement, so I called my mum on my cellphone and he babbled on for a few minutes much to nana’s enjoyment.

Ethan is also quite clearly going to be a talker of note just like his mama and his nana and his great grandma.  He babbles all day one to the hundred, chatting to his nany, over the phone and now and again, to his nana and grandpa over Skype.  When you walk in the house after work, he goes on and on probably telling you about his day and it’s the cutest thing to watch!

My little boy is really becoming a lovely little person and I’m cherishing each and every moment and savouring the memories because I know that before I know it, he’ll be all grown up and I’ll miss these days 🙂

Ethan Concentrating

Master Howe concentrating in the garden…



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  1. lorna says:

    what a joy ethan must be to both you and angelo. enjoy all you can about him, and give him loads of cuddles.

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