I know I’ve blogged about this time and time again, but I really can’t believe how big Ethan’s growing right in front of our eyes!  Last week, Ethan was very sick with an ear infection and inflammed tonsils and he really wasn’t himself at all.  Fortunately, the meds kicked in 2-3days after we took him to the doctor, and by this weekend, he was pretty much his good old self again. 

The highlight of my weekend was watching the hubster and him yesterday…it was just too adorable for words…Angelo was busy installing an “arm” in the spare room to mount the tv on.  This of course (like most things that sound like they should be over and done with very quickly) took quite a while and involved a lot of back and forward’ing between our bedroom, the spare room and the kitchen.  Ethan followed his dad all over from room to room, carefully watching what he was doing, giggling away at the hammering and drilling and showing such a keen interest in all the tools, nuts and bolts just like I’d imagine all boys do.  Of course, Angelo was so busy, that he was just about oblivious to Ethan following his every step but I sat in in silence, quite happily watching the two of them walk up and down the house.  Here’s a few pics of him being busy…

Pitstop break to say hi to mum xxx

Pitstop break to say hi to mum xxx

Checking that all the "tools" taste the same...

Checking that all the “tools” taste the same…

Lunch break

Lunch break

On Saturday, we went to the mall and Ethan got into one of those little trolley cars for the first time – needless to say, he preferred standing to sitting…but of course!!

Trolley car fun!

Trolley car fun!

Another highlight of the weekend was Ethan sucking out of a straw for the first time on his first attempt.  As we were leaving the mall, we stopped to buy an ice-cream for dad and Ethan and a smoothie for me.  Of course, the ice-cream wasn’t quite enough…”gutsy” had to try out a little of what mum was having just in case it was nicer than the ice-cream 😉  I passed over the smoothie thinking he’d never be able to drink from the straw – the minute it touched his lips, he was sipping away happily at my smoothie!!!  I was blown away.  There I was thinking it would be something he’d have to try over and over again and boy was I wrong – wow!

Overall, even though it rained, we had a fantastic weekend.  I thank God every day for the blessing of my family – my family may not be perfect, but they’re ALL MINE 🙂


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  1. lorna hatley says:

    hi angelo and jodie, how you both doing, i love ethan in the little green car, so cute, and the other pictures are lovely. anyway we are so snowed,cannot use the car at all. tooo much ice on the road. our t.v. was off for 3 days, too much snow and ice on the ariel, for everyone in the area. it is about a foot deep in the garden, been like this for the last 4 days. no food left in the supermarkets, people were fighting for the last bits. bodies lying all over the airports, planes not going anywhere. wheather is worse than i have ever seen before. george is a bit better, getting his appetite back slowly, but has still not left his bed. thankfully the house is nice and warm. anyway take care of yourselves, hopefully see you soon, love you 3. auntie lorna,xx Date: Mon, 21 Jan 2013 12:21:50 +0000 To: lorna-in-dorset@hotmail.co.uk

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