I was one of the lucky women to drop the majority of my pregnancy weight pretty soon after Ethan was born.  At my 6week checkup, I weighed in, and the gynae happily told me that I’d lost 16kgs of the 18.5kgs that I’d picked up during my pregnancy…lucky me!  I was super impressed as I always envisioned being the woman who kept the majority of her pregnancy weight on post baby and just ended up being this overweight woman for ever and a day.  Growing up, I’d tell my mum time and time again how I’d never look like her, never have so much cellulite and never diet as much as she did as I wouldn’t ever let my weight get to that…

One baby and more than a year later, I was in that exact position.  Of course, a lot of it had to do with the fact that I ate just about everything throughout my pregnancy as and when I pleased, I stopped exercising a month into my pregnancy and I couldn’t find the time to start exercising again post baby – hey, stop judging!, any mother will understand what it’s like having a baby and a full time job!!  In the first few months (or year in my case), you don’t even think about exercise.  Spare time, what spare time???  All you think about is sleep at every chance you get.

So, last December, we went to Durban and I’d been saying for a while how I needed to focus on getting back into shape and losing my post pregnancy weight which by-the-by had increased to 8.5kgs over my “pre-pregnancy” weight.  I left Durban determined to do something – watch my diet and start some form of exercise with the goal of losing 5kgs by my 30th birthday in March being more than realistic in my mind!  (I’ve kept this all pretty much on the “DL” and purposefully not mentioned it to too many people or blogged about it for fear that I wouldn’t be able to stick to my plan 😦 )  I considered starting bootcamp thinking that that would be a “fast track” to kicking off the weight loss but wasn’t absolutely certain about what form of exercise I was going to be doing just that I was DEFINITELY going to do something as of 2nd January.  On my first day back at work, I googled bootcamps in Sandton and came across this website…Adventure Boot Camp for Women…which was starting that day! 

A month later, I’ve survived my first bootcamp, 3days a week with one class left this week Friday 🙂  I’ve managed to lose a little bit of weight, but even better, I can actually feel that some cm’s have dropped off.  And the plus of this all is that I am thoroughly enjoying each and every class and I’m so motivated that I’ve decided to continue and join the next camp as well!!!!

So here’s to a better looking, healthier, more fit Jodie – whoop whoop, I did it!!!!!


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  1. Zelda says:

    well done! keep it up gal – so very proud of you!

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