I’m pretty sure that we’ve all experienced the useless, pathetic, sorry excuse for service absolutely amazing service delivery in beautiful South Africa! Last week, my patience was tested to the limit…let’s just say that quite clearly, patience is NOT one of my virtues!!  These are some of the things that happened last week…

1. At the beginning of January, I booked a ticket on SAA and, long story short, SAA owed me a refund. When I called the refund office, they assured me that the refund would be paid to me within 15working days. On about the 18th day, I hadn’t received anything from them and so of course, I called them just to follow up on what was happening. The guy I spoke to first asked me which e-mail address I had sent my refund request to…I told him that I’d e-mailed something like refunds@saa.co.za but that I wasn’t 100% sure as I didn’t have access to my e-mail. After him doing whatever he needed to do on his side (probably just logging off his Facebook account or something equally “non-worky”) he told me that the reason why I hadn’t received the refund was because I hadn’t e-mailed the right e-mail address because refunds@saa.co.za wasn’t the address… onlinerefunds@saa.co.za was the…SERIOUSLY, did he not hear me say “something like”! He then told me that I didn’t call the correct number initially for the refund…was this man psychic??  Was he sitting with me when I called???? I was completely flabbergasted. He further went went to tell me how refunds were done within 21working days – at that point, I threw my toys out of the cot…why is it that different people tell you different things at the SAME company???? Anyway, all’s well that ends well…I finally got my refund on Saturday!

2. My Standard Bank credit card expired at the end of January. Now over at “beep bank” (read FNB here), they would have ordered my card automatically a month before and I would have been sitting with my new card in my hand before the end of January…Standard Bank apparently operate the same but their systems were “down” in December so the orders didn’t go through. So I’m left cardless! As I only really use my credit card for emergencies, it wasn’t really a serious issue, but as I knew I was receiving the refund in 1 above, I wanted to use the cash to buy a few gifts that I needed this month…now my money’s in the account but I can’t use it – fail! Still waiting for my new card…

3. Three weeks ago, we bought a new diningroom suite. When we bought it, we were told that they didn’t have stock and that we’d have to wait for two weeks. Last week was more than two weeks later so I called to find out whether they could give me an update on my delivery. Of course, they couldn’t! Many more phone calls later, they finally told me that they’d deliver on Saturday afternoon. On Saturday, Ethan and I went out to his cousins’ birthday for the afternoon – hubby was left at home ready to take delivery of the diningroom suite and assemble the million pieces. When we got home after 5, there was still no diningroom suite!!! Eventually, they delivered at about 7pm, a whole week later than the initial 2week promise but hey, we eventually got our good and the suite looks amazing 🙂

4. Last week, we bought a new double door fridge (we’ve been very blessed to be able to afford so much new furniture!) at Hifi Corp. I was so excited that we found the fridge there after having seen the same fridge at Hirsch’s earlier in the day only to be told that all LG fridges are sold out country wide and that they couldn’t give me a date as to when stock was expected to be sent out to the retail stores again (hmmm, another lazy salesman giving bad service???). We bought the fridge and I asked for it to be delivered today, Monday, as we were hoping that the guy assisting in altering some of our kitchen cupboards to fit the fridge could come on the weekend. Unfortunately, he can only come on Wednesday so on Friday morning, I called Hi-Fi Corp to ask them to change the delivery date to Thursday instead. I had the slip on me with the reference number, name of the cashier and all the other important information that they required and the lady I spoke to assured me that she’d changed everything and that the fridge would be delivered on Thursday the 7th…at 3:30pm today, I got a call from our nanny saying that the guys are outside……….delivering our fridgeHUH, SERIOUSLY


Bad Service Delivery


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