This year is a big year for our family in that we have three big birthdays coming up – my mum’s 50th, my 30th (*happy dance*) and my little sister’s 21st! The first celebration of the year is my mum’s 50th…she’ll be 50 on the 21st of February.

As is “tradition” in our family, as the kids get older, for the “bigger birthdays”, we give the parents something for their birthday which basically means we fund a party for them. Gone are the days of hall parties though which we’d normally have done a few years ago…these days, dinners at a restaurant is probably more the “order of the day” and in my mum’s case, a hall party is definitely not what she would want for her birthday. Most of you who know my mum know that she loves being around people and especially around her family so when we told her more than 6months ago that we’d like to give her something this year and to give some thought to what she’d like to do, she decided that she’d like to go on a boat cruise with her daughters and sisters – the perfect birthday experience, a ladies’ cruise.

6months on and the day finally arrived last week Friday. My mum was lucky enough to go to Brazil the week before with my dad for the carnival which was his gift to her and so, with one more sleep till all the “cruise members” arrived, they drove back to Durban after their flight back from Rio ready to get the house ready for the guests who were due the Thursday night. Our party consisted of my sisters, myself, my mum’s sister from England, her eldest sister from Cape Town, her cousin who she grew up with and is still very close to (also my godmother), my cousin also from Cape Town and of course…the birthday girl herself! We happily included my aunt (a family aunt, not blood) and her friend in after my aunt insisted that she could never miss out on such a trip and so, on Friday morning, we were all systems go with our overnight bags ready to board the MSC Opera for our weekend cruise to nowhere!!!!!

Unfortunately, it rained most of the weekend which in itself is not a major, but it does mean that there’s no sitting outside tanning on the deck or swimming, the outdoor activities had to be moved indoors (which of course is catered for in the event of rain, so everything runs very smoothly!) and then there’s the constant horrendous slight movement of the boat due to the choppy sea. We seem to have survived the rough seas though by taking tablets to try and beat the nausea and overall, it wasn’t too bad, however, we could have done without it! The entertainment included latin, salsa and mambo dance lessons, men vs women challenges, karaoke (where I excitedly joined in the fun and sang on stage representing the “jo’sters”!), bingo, two evening shows and tons more. The food was delicious and there was always lots available to munch on. We arranged for a cake and bottle of champagne to be served at dinner to celebrate my mum’s birthday and the waiters even sang. It really was a great experience. The bonus of course was that we were away at sea, away from all our “drama” and normal busy lives with no cellphone signal – just the ladies all together chatting, laughing and drinking up a storm 🙂

Overall, I think that we all had a fantastic time and I’m hoping that it was a trip that the birthday girl will never forget. Almost 50 mum! So happy that we got to spend the time away with you – love you xxx


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  1. Robyn says:

    Sounds like everyone had a great time!

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