This weekend, Master Howe had his first haircut.  Ethan was born with very little hair and it really only started growing with a few curls here and there from about 7/8months.  That being said, from the time it started growing, it had a completely separate mind of its own.  His hair grew rapidly on the sides and much slower on the top.  In fact, the front is still quite short and it’s gotten more and more evident over the last few months that something needed to be done to even out his hair growth.  You know those clowns who have fuzzy hair on the sides and top…that’s what he was starting to look like!  Ethan’s grandpa has been throwing these statements whenever he gets a chance about how Ethan’s getting an affro and that shaving one time so that his hair can grow back evenly is the best option.  I just think that my baby’s waaayyyy too small to be getting a “number 1”, but I was in agreement that he needed a cut and so, this past weekend, I decided to bite the proverbial bullet and take him to the barber.

Now, initially I considered cutting his hair myself ‘cos really, all it needed was a trim but after hubster was adamant that he wouldn’t let our boy walk around with an uneven cut, I gave in and took him to the barber.  I’ve heard good things about a barber in Morning Glen shopping centre who cuts kids’ hair “chop chop” so I thought I’d give it a try.  I’d psyched myself up to take Ethan after swimming on Saturday morning to get it over and done with as quickly as possible and so, without giving myself time to change my mind, I drove straight to the barber as planned and waited for the big moment!!  We only had to wait about 10minutes and in that 10minutes, Ethan watched on in fascination as two men got their hair cut.  There I was thinking that as he’d seen it already being done, it wouldn’t be that scary for him.  I was soooooooo wrong!! 

The barber made him sit on my lap so that I could hold him down while he cut.  As we sat down, the barber looked at Ethan and in his Pakistani accent (well, that’s what it sounded like to me – probably more like monster code to Ethan!) he said “hello boy” and that was enough to set the water works going!!!!  Ethan screamed like he was being murdered.  Between Ethan arching his back, trying to jump out of my lap, grabbing his hair to try and stop the barber from cutting, it was rather traumatic for him and probably highly irritating for the other people in the shop.  One poor man even came over with his iPhone and tried to distract Ethan with a cute little cat talking but Ethan!  The barber did a great job though and he was done in less than 5minutes. 

When we were done, I gave him my card to pay only to find out that he only took cash so I had to traipse along to the bank to draw money.  In that time, I managed to calm Ethan down with his dummy and even got a few high fives from him.  Needless to say, when we went back to pay, one step into the shop and he screamed blue murder again.  Not sure when we’ll be going back there again, but I’m very proud of my boy for surviving his first haircut and he looks like such a big boy now all “shaven and shorn” 🙂


Ethan Fuzzy Hair


Ethan neatly cut

Not much of a difference – I know – but if you’d seen Ethan “pre-cut”, you’d know what a big difference the trim has made!!!


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