I can’t believe that we’ve lived in Jo’burg for all of 6years already!  Time really does fly.  It feels like just the other day that Angelo casually suggested we give Jo’burg a try ‘cos let’s be honest…this IS where the money is especially if you’re working in the finance sector and really, who wouldn’t want to build up some “extra cash” (although, we still don’t seem to have much of that yet, six years on!) when you’re young and have your whole life ahead of you.

I clearly remember the day that we first spoke about possibly moving to Jo’burg.  I was living with my sister in a flat in Kenilworth, Cape Town at the time and Angelo was staying with two friends in a house not even 1km away.  That day, we skipped lectures (only that day mum, promise, hehe) and headed off to Camps Bay with a picnic basket without a care in the world, just the two of us.  We were talking about life in general, where we wanted to go, what we wanted to do and about work of course.  Angelo casually suggested that he thought that Jo’burg would be a good move for us career wise and financially, and that we should give it a two year try.  I clearly remember saying to him that I would support his decision (we had been dating for about 5years at the time) and seeing as we had no house, no kids and very little in Cape Town that we needed to stay for, we should give it a go.  Why not – we were young, we had only been working for a few years and neither of us had ever lived in Jo’burg but we knew that it was pretty much the centre of the financial world in South Africa with most company’s head offices being here in the “concrete jungle”.  So Angelo went off and did some research, started applying for jobs and all too quickly, he was flying to Jo’burg for his first interview which he nailed of course!  They wanted him to start asap and so a month later, he left for Jo’burg on his own.

Our original plan was that he’d move to Jo’burg (he was fortunate enough to stay with my cousin initially as he knew nobody else here and would have had no idea where to even start looking for accommodation) and I’d carry on applying for jobs until I found something, but if I hadn’t found something by June (he moved in the third week of April and started working on 1 May), I’d move up jobless and hope for the best!!  Fortunately I secured an interview just before he left and I was offered the job to start on 1 June.  Immediately (thank goodness the Internet exists!), I started looking online at different areas and their proximity to Sandton and Melrose Arch (where we each worked) and Angelo would go and view the places after work that I recommended.  He was lucky to find the perfect place within a few days and so we moved in together (our first time living together, that’s a story for another day) into a flat in Fourways (let’s just say, after a year there, I’ll NEVER live in Fourways again – traffic be crazy there, wow!!!!!) and after selling Angelo’s car and travelling together daily in one car with our trusted map book looking for alternative routes to avoid the traffic constantly, we finally settled into the Jo’burg lifestyle a few months later.

Six years later, six moves, a few rented places and two places that we managed to buy, we are definitely part of the rat race.  This morning, I was driving into work and I chuckled to myself thinking that only in Jo’burg is the freeway packed at 6:30am already!  I still don’t think that I’d like Ethan to grow up here and still see Cape Town as our “dream destination” and city that we’d like to live in permanently and raise our kids in but for now, we’re fortunate to have good jobs, earn decent salaries and to be part of the Jo’burg life – c’est notre vie 🙂


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