Last night, I managed to “crack the nod” to a work dinner.  I must admit, I was slightly reluctant at first mostly because I still have that “mother’s guilt” about leaving Ethan at home ever during the week, but also because I generally like to sit at home and relax on a week night rather than having to get dressed up, drive somewhere, make good conversation and pretend to be enjoying the dull conversation whilst peeking at the time longing to make an early escape and hit the proverbial sack! 

Dinner last night was anything but that!  I suggested that we go to Koi at 24 Central in Sandton as it’s just across the road from work.  After work, I hightailed it to bootcamp, rushed home after bootcamp, jumped into the shower (at the initial persistence of hubby who said that they’re fine and he’ll make dinner AND look after Ethan and I needn’t worry – followed by the persistence of our nanny who rightfully told me that if your hubby gives you a break and is happy to take over, take it with both hands, have a break, get in the shower and get done in a quite an annoyed voice I must say!although she’s probably sick of hearing my persistent don’t forget this, this is where Ethan’s supper is, he must bath at such and such a time every single time I go out!!) and then rushed on to dinner.  Needless to say, I was first there, and fortunately I managed to “gate crash” another table where a colleague of mine was sitting with friends until my “party” arrived instead of sitting on my own at a table reserved for 8 people looking like a complete loser!! 

Ten minutes later, the lady who I barely know (her division and ours are “merging” so to speak so I literally only met her about a month ago and have never really spoken to her about anything other than work) arrived and so we sat and started chatting while we waited for the others.  We ended up being only five as the other three people who were invited had prior commitments and what a great evening we had.  We all have kids and for a change, the conversation revolved almost solely on children, schools, grandparents taking kids away and all that good stuff that goes along with having your own children.  For a change, I didn’t feel like I had nothing in common to talk about which is often the case with some of our “long time friends” as none of them have kids and most are still in the partying phase which we are of course completely out of.  And for a change, it was a work dinner that didn’t involve talking about work.  Not once did I look at my phone and think I need to hurry up.  I enjoyed a glass of wine and really got a chance to kick back and relax and when I got home, Ethan was fast asleep in bed (and slept through the night for the second night in a row *happy dance*), the house was still in one piece, dinner had been cooked and consumed and I could happily go to club duvet to the lulling sounds of dj pillow and have a good sleep 🙂

What a great evening – bring on the next dinner….


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