On Thursday, two of my favourite people drove all the way from Port Elizabeth to come and visit us.  My sister-in-law (also Ethan’s godmother) and her boyfriend have for the past few years done an “annual visit” to us and this time, we were even more excited about their visit than on previous occasions because it was the first time that they’d be seeing our new house and they haven’t seen Ethan since he was 5months and he’s grown such a lot in that time!!!

Megan and Brendan

Megan and Brendan

Thursday felt like it dragged on forever as we waited patiently for them to arrive.  Finally, at 5pm, they pulled into our driveway.  Ethan, who’s becoming more fussy the older he gets, took to them like a duck to water…no tears whatsoever (this is usually what happens with “strange men” these days for some odd reason) and smiles all around!  Being the serious planner that I am, I had planned a few things to do so that we didn’t just sit around staring at each other for the four days that they were here but of course, with a baby, you need to consider a whole lot of other things compared to when it’s just adults. 

On Thursday night, I cooked dinner for us all and we ate dinner together at our 8seater diningroom table with fancy cutlery and all!  On Friday morning, we had breakfast out at the Spur and Ethan got to play in the kiddies area.  On Saturday, my sister-in-law joined me at Ethan’s swimming lessons and for our visit to the nurse and then we had a braai on Saturday late afternoon.  Then yesterday, I made breakfast at home and we watched the show Don’t Dress for Dinner  (a must see!) at the Pieter Toerien theatre at Monte Casino followed by dinner with my sister and a few of her friends.  We got our nanny to babysit and we really had a lovely evening out, adults only!  🙂

The weekend made me once again realize how important and valuable families are – there’s just nothing like it!!  Thanks Miems and Bens for visiting.  I can’t even begin to explain how much it means to us.  I wish we could see each other more often but hopefully we’ll be seeing you guys sooner than you think 🙂 🙂 🙂


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