One of the things that totally frustrate me about a having baby is not knowing what’s wrong with him and not being able to help him feel better.  I know that people always say don’t wish your child’s life away and don’t wish for the next milestone because all too soon, your children are all grown up and you wish that they were little again, but one thing I’m really looking forward to is Ethan being able to talk especially because then he’ll be able to tell me what’s wrong when he’s not feeling well.  The “happenings” of the past week or so have got me thinking about this…

Ethan hasn’t slept through the night since he was born – yes, you read right!  For 15months, I have not had one night’s full sleep while he’s been in the house.  On the odd occasion, he has slept out or slept in another room with my folks, but besides that, when he’s been in the house in his own room, he’s never slept through.  The week before last, he slept through the night for the first time ever!  That night, the hubby and I were awake most of the night (as one is when your body is used to waking up constantly for a crying/moaning baby) but we were both super chuffed the next morning and were really hoping for a repeat and that, going forward, this would become more of a habit and routine for our little boy.  A few nights later, Ethan only woke up once and the following night, he slept through again.  This made me think long and hard about what could be causing the change in sleeping and I was adamant that it was his eating and that because he had been full on the three nights that I’ve just mentioned, we decided to change his eating habits so that he’d be super hungry at dinnertime, eat well and then hopefully sleep through.  We also clipped a dummy chain on to his shirt because baby is very dependent on his dummy and wakes up a lot when he can’t find it.  Our plan seemed to be working very well last week…in fact, we had three full nights’ rest and three nights of only one midnight wake-up.  You can well imagine that we were encouraging him to eat very well at night after this turnaround in sleeping patterns and even got to the point where if he refused something, we’d give him something else until we found something he wanted to eat (not ideal, I know, but I’d rather do that than be awake all night with a baby who wakes up constantly)…

Roll on the public holiday, Thursday.  Ethan refused to eat any supper even though he had barely eaten anything during the day.  My first thought of course was that it’s going to be a looooonnnnnggggg night of being awake.  Friday came and again, he hardly ate anything all day.  I thought that by supper he’d be starving as breakfast and lunch didn’t go down that well but even then, he barely ate.  Saturday morning, he didn’t want to eat any breakfast, he managed to eat some dried fruit when we got home from his swimming lessons but didn’t want to eat anything for lunch either.  That morning, he’d also had his measles/mumps injection.  On Saturday afternoon, his tummy ran twice.  Other than the tummy and the lack of eating, there was nothing else wrong with him so we basically put it down to teething (previously, these have been the only two signs of Ethan teething – lack of appetite and a running tummy).  On Saturday night, we had our first experience of projectile vomiting – super fun, noootttttt.  Saturday night was one of thee worst nights that we’ve Ethan’s had in ages.  Ethan was up at 12:30, 1:30 and then from 4 – 6:30am very restless but hardly any crying.  He was clearly exhausted when I eventually rocked him to bed at 6:30 (babies definitely want their mums when they’re feeling out of sorts, the rocking and singing was the only thing that settled the poor child down shame). 

Sunday morning went by pretty uneventfully except for Ethan being a bit crabby and very tired!  I eventually put him down for a nap at 12.  He was probably over tired because he literally laid for over half an hour singing to himself, kicking at his cot and playing with one of his toys attached to the side of his cot that makes music.  I thought that he’d finally fallen asleep about 40minutes later but then he started screaming blue murder.  The hubby got there first and when I came in, his tummy had run so badly that he’d messed even the linen in his cot.  We put it down to teething again and hoped that he’d get over it pretty soon.  I also prepped myself mentally that night for another bad night of sleep, but Ethan pleasantly surprised us by only waking up once and then last night, he slept right through again??!!!  No teeth have appeared and I can’t even see if he has swollen gums as he won’t even open his mouth a little so that I can have a peek. 

So…who knows what the problem is…not me unfortunately 😦  I can only wait and hope that things get back to normal soon and that we get back on the good sleeping band wagon!


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