Master "Plaster" Howe

Master “Plaster” Howe

After sitting in traffic for an hour after boot camp today (yes, you read right..outdoor boot camp, 15degrees and stormy weather but I still went!!), I arrived home eager to spend at least an hour with Ethan before his bedtime.  When I got home, Master Howe was in an amazing mood and to make things better, the hubster offered to get take-out so that I didn’t need to cook so after Ethan had dinner, I put him into a nice warm bath and gave him his toothbrush to brush his teeth when he got out.  In our “usual” post-bath foolery, Ethan turned around to crawl away from me as I grabbed the powder but instead of rolling himself in our pillows like he normally does, for some odd reason, he rolled the other way and in that split second, I jumped across the bed to grab him in an attempt to keep him from falling off the bed.  You know that feeling where everything happens in “slowmo” and you just can’t do something quick enough?!  Well, that happened tonight.  I screamed for the hubster who was sitting in the lounge even before Ethan hit the floor and I managed to grab him by the arm.  Unfortunately, I just wasn’t quick enough and probably caused more harm by trying to break his fall.  He fell off the bed and knocked his head on the corner of the bedside table (with me still holding onto his arm) resulting in an ugly gash to his forehead and blood running down his face.  The hubster obviously heard the worry in my scream as he came racing through to the bedroom and upon seeing the blood, insisted that we take Ethan to the hospital!  Fortunately, the blood stopped running almost as quickly as it had appeared and one plaster later, a dummy and lots of hugs and kisses, our boy was as right as rain again 🙂  Our first of many of these I assume and as my cousin says….fortunately scars are handsome on a man 😉


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  1. lorna hatley says:

    hey,hey, ethan looks a naughty little imp with his plaster on the fore-head. toooo cute. try not let him get another bump on his fore-head. they sometimes leave scars for a long time. love to you 3.

  2. […] Ethan was (and still is) a very cautious child.  He’s only ever fell off the bed twice, this time and this one.  Even as a baby, he’d crawl to the edge and just wait.  Sliding off the bed took […]

  3. […] a young age, Ethan was a cautious child.  He fell off the bed ONCE ever and that’s purely because he very rarely ventured near the end.  Even to this day, as he […]

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