Remember my last post about Master  “Plaster” Howe???  Looking back now, I can’t believe that we’d managed to escape any “boo boos” prior to that!  Ethan’s always been a very cautious boy and as he becomes more and more adventurous and exploratory, he’s always very cognisant of his surroundings and is all too happy to grab onto somebody’s hand instead of risking things. Where that part of his personality comes from, I’m not quite sure but I’m glad that he’s like that 🙂

Not even two weeks have passed since he knocked his head and our poor boy has had two more falls! On Sunday, he was obviously trying to be more confident than usual and stepped down the step at the front door without holding onto anything for support only to hit the floor head first…lots of hugs and kisses later and mister was well on his way again with a small red bruise where his forehead had hit the brick paving. We were surprised that he hit his head in the same place again, but of course, everyone knows little boys get hurt often trying out new things all the time so we really weren’t too phased.

Today I got home from work and Ethan in his usual happy self came running to the door to greet me. The first thing I noticed was a gigantic crater little bump on his forehead and red bruising around it.  Luckily, I’m quite a relaxed mum so I casually asked our nanny what went down.  Mister apparently took the opportunity, while she was trying to dispose of a rather “dangerous” nappy in the outside bin, to open the gate and then proceeded to try and run away from her!!  In his rush and excitement, he tripped and went falling on the paved driveway…yup, you guessed it-head first!!!!!

Poor child – three nasty knocks to the head in almost the same number of weeks PLUS three new molars have cut at the same time too…oh, the joys of growing up 🙂


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