To think that I’ve been sitting at my desk being super productive (yes, that’s me, Mrs SUPER PRODUCTIVE) for the last two hours when I hardly had any sleep last night is seriously surprising. 

I have no idea whether Ethan’s teething or being difficult but sleep is NOT happening in our house.  And there I was all excited about how much better he’s sleeping…we even had six nights where he slept straight through which I’m sure I blogged about somewhere!  And then his teeth started pushing through.  Three molars all at the same time…I thought four but the fourth one hasn’t made an appearance yet, although I can feel a bulging gum! – could that be the reason he’s not sleeping?  Well, it could really be a number of things…

Ethan’s been eating hardly anything.  Okay okay, he isn’t the best eater ever which I’ve blogged about quite a few times, but not even to eat bananas or grapes, his favourite fruit is very strange!  This weekend, he barely ate anything.  I managed to get some yoghurt down his throat last night, just a few spoons but other than that, I think he spat out EVERY.SINGLE.THING I gave him to eat on Saturday AND Sunday.  Other than raisins (which I know are a good source of energy but seriously, how much nutrients can they provide??) and the little yoghurt last night and Saturday and Sunday morning, that was it for the weekend!!  I have no idea whether he’s just becoming a seriously fussy eater or whether he’s teething and won’t eat, his bad eating generally being a sign of teething for us. 

Of course, I can imagine that the hunger would wake him up right – so is he hungry or is he teething?  I’m still confused!  Not only was Ethan up at 5am on Saturday morning (no, he didn’t sleep through and then get up at 5am – I would have been happy about that!, he woke up twice during the night before 5am) when it was raining cats and dogs outside and about 2degrees (okay, maybe 10 but it sure as hell felt like 2!!!!), but last night, he woke up crying at midnight and then again at 1am and I did everything in my power to get him back to sleep and stop him moaning (I maaayyyyy have even given him meds before bed and again at 1am, very uncharacteristic of me but I had no idea what to do!) to no avail.  Between rocking and singing to him, cuddling with him in our bed – I should have thought better about this before I did it because the hubster’s deep breathing while he was far away in lala land annoyed me even more and every turn distracted Ethan instead which woke him up from his drowsiness very quickly – and letting him cry in the hope that he’d finally give up and dose off, he finally fell asleep after 3am and I got some relief before my alarm went off at 5:45am.  I sooooo ignored my alarm and carried on sleeping but a girl’s got to earn a living, so I got up an hour later rushing around like a headless chicken trying to get to work at a decent hour!  So was he just being fussy over the weekend with his sleeping or is he teething??  Last night, I piled on the blankets thinking that perhaps he was cold the night before and that’s why he slept badly.  Was he too hot last night???? 

Having a baby is no joke!  It’s hard at times and even HARDER at others.  Last week, while having lunch with a group of ladies, a friend of mine (who’s not a mother I must add) told me that I must be doing something wrong because she doesn’t know anybody whose child is Ethan’s age and is still not sleeping through the night.  It took every inch of the little will power that I have after having many sleepless nights not to take my steak knife fork and throw it at her!!!!  I initially kept quiet, trying very hard just to bite my tongue but when the subject at the table started to change, I had to put my two cents in and try and defend my sleep deprived self!  Can you imagine, having the cheek to say something like that.  I almost told her off right there and then, but instead, I calmly told her how all children are different and that before the teeth started pushing out, we were on a role but that’s now all changed of course and that a few bad nights can feel like 100 if you’re not used to it.  This morning, she took one look at me when I walked in to the office and when a colleague asked whether Ethan’s been sleeping bad, she burst out laughing and said she didn’t want to ask but she could see it by the bags under my eyes – how’s that to add to my miserable Monday!  Not only do I feel like death warmed up…apparently I LOOK it too 😦  Oh well…


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