I’m the type of person who is organized, a planner down to the T, always on top of everything, always planning in advance, never doing anything spontaneous.  I have an automatic calendar in my head.  I can tell you what we’re doing for the next four or five weekends.  I can probably tell you what we’re doing for Christmas NEXT YEAR

So with Ethan going away to my parents in Durbs for a full week, I was quite happy just to lounge around at home and do nothing for a change, mostly for fear of having to plan so close to that week and getting myself all stressed out instead of actually having some “down time” which is what we actually need.  That is until I received an e-mail with a fantastic special for 7nights in Zanzibar!  In my mind, I was already on the beach with a cocktail in hand, lapping up the sun and enjoying some quality time with the hubster.  In reality, I was asking numerous people’s opinions about  how Zanzibar was, whether I was being silly and deep down, I was already thinking about flights, dates, spending money, vaccines if applicable and starting to have a mild panic attack!!  Of course, the hubster didn’t help either.  When I asked what he thought about it and whether he was keen, he gave a casual whatever, you decide which didn’t leave me any more decided.  I wanted him to give a firm “yes” or “no”. 

Anyway, a few days passed and I was still undecided and of course, the deal at this stage was already gone.  So there went Zanzibar along with the smell of the ocean and the taste of fancy holiday cocktails…but then I got a bee in my bonnet!  I mean, staying at home sans Ethan is totally what we need but let’s be honest…we’re still going to be in the same “routine”, we’ll still be at work, I’ll still have to cook and it won’t really feel like a holiday.  I want a real break – I want to not have to wake up for a baby AND not wake up for work.  I want to sleep in, sit back and relax watching movies, eat out at new places and just have hubby all to myself in a place we’ve never been to before.  I want to be able to paint my toenails without trying to distract a baby, blow dry my hair without having to do it in 10seconds before Ethan goes to sleep and sip on more than one drink without watching the clock for bedtime!

Yesterday, I went onto the Kulula website to check out what holiday packages they had and I came across a trip to Vic Falls – just four nights but I was so super keen and of course, when I BBM’d the hubster (no reply – suprise!!!) and asked him again last night, I got the very same – whatever, you decide.  It did take every single inch of my extreme patience not to shout out SERIOUSLY, CAN YOU JUST DECIDE but I quietly walked out of the lounge to the bedroom for fear of starting an argument over something as silly as going away!!  Roll on this morning – 7am, I was at my desk already looking at some more getaway options, still completely undecided but even more keen to book us a few nights away somewhere.  I then had the best idea I’ve had yet…I chatted to somebody who’s been to Vic Falls…and I got it straight from the proverbial horse’s mouth!  She told me how beautiful it is and how it’s amazing to see the falls and ride the elephants and go for sunset cruises on the river…and that helped me make up my mind.  We are NOT outdoor, nature people.  We don’t enjoy going for walks, we don’t enjoy watching animals and we definitely don’t enjoy being outdoors the entire day taking in the scenery no matter how breathtaking it is!!  We are more “indoorsy” people – we like to lay in, we like to watch tv and we like to eat junk food while doing both of those 🙂  We’d much rather spend time relaxing with the option to go for a walk than have a walk scheduled for a whole morning or afternoon.  We’re the type of people who enjoy staying in pj’s till we really have to get up and we haven’t been having that since Ethan was born – not that I’m complaining about that as Ethan is such a blessing and joy in our lives – but I really think that that’s more of the holiday we need right now!  We need time to connect again, time to be the “married Angelo and Jodie” not the “daddy and mummy Angelo and Jodie”.  As much as I love Ethan, our marriage has definitely been neglected lately as we’ve been putting our adorable child first…and we definitely need “alone time” 😉

So…I’ve decided that we’ll go away to Dullstroom.  Not far, only a 2.5hour drive.  I’m booking us into a quaint little luxury apartment with a king size bed overlooking a piazza of sorts.  Word has it that it’s very romantic and has a “Tuscan” feel to it.  I’ve also been told by a trusted friend who frequents Dullstroom often that it’s a small little quiet dorpy that’s good for going on walks, relaxing and reading books – just up our alleys!  Now just for the hubster to give the final YAY and we’ll be A for Away…cannot wait!!!! 🙂


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