…call for desperate measures!!

I’ve always been dead set against Ethan sleeping in our bed.  From day one, he’s always slept on his own.  For the first two weeks, he slept in his little moses crib right next to me in our room, but by the third week, I was really struggling to sleep even when he slept because he is a noisy and restless sleeper…so I moved him into his cot in his own room when he was only three weeks old (shock, horror, disbelief!!) and he’s slept there ever since.

I’ve generally thought of Ethan as a decent sleeper (I think most mothers do until they speak to other mums who’s babies are sleeping through from day one, arrggggh!!) but the last few months have been crazy on the sleep front!  I know that he’s still a baby and we didn’t do the “tough love” thing so it’s really a waiting game and toughening up a bit to get him sleeping better but I’ve been saying some serious prayers (God does have an awesome sense of humour!) and hoping that he’d eventually start sleeping better.  A few months ago, it seemed like we well on our way and I was even feeling well rested and then BOOM, Mister starts sleeping terribly.  Okay, he did cut four molars at the same time but the last week or so has been even more ridiculous and the freaking teeth.are.out!!!!  He’s been waking up every hour or two hours and so you can imagine how miserable and exhausted I’ve been.

A little while ago, I thought that I’d try moving him into a “big boy bed” as I’ve heard from a lot of people that their child/children started sleeping better when they did the bit move.  I do know that we’ll have to go through that whole “right of passage” thing that all parents need to go through and we’d have to walk him back to his bed over and over again for a few nights before he gets used to the idea of sleeping in his own bed and this is probably the reason why I’ve been so hesitant.  So my plan was that after his visit to my folks (next week Thursday for a week), I’d have his “big boy room” all prepared when he got back and seeing as he’d have to sleep on a bed or blow up mattress at my parents’ place with the camp cot being too big for him, I thought that the transition would be easier but he’s been sleeping so badly that we tried the spare room bed as an alternative to his cot. 

So the plan was that we’d put him to bed in his cot (we are seriously trying to avoid the walking Ethan back to the bed again and again) and when he woke up, we’d transfer him to the spare room bed.  Then one of us would lay with him till he fell asleep (a very foreign concept to Ethan as he’s been putting himself to sleep since about 9months!) and then creep out once he’d fallen asleep and let him sleep by himself in the spare room bed.  We’ve been doing this purely out of desperation at this stage as I cannot think of any other way to get him to sleep better.  We have encountered a slight problem though…inevitably, we fall asleep next to him and don’t end up getting up and leaving him alone in the bed.  This is due to a number of reasons;-

–       the bed is 10years old and creaks like crazy the minute we even try and move an inch of our body (well, apparently the hubby says it doesn’t do that when he moves but I do weigh around the weight of an elephant so I can understand why it happens when I move my lady lumps out of the bed!) so we need to lay around for ages until Mister is sound asleep so that moving doesn’t wake him,

–       it’s so freaking cold these days that once we’ve been laying warm under the blanket for so long, we really don’t want to be getting out into the cold and creeping into the cold side of our bed,

–       and the fact that our absolutely amazing sleeper Ethan takes so long to fall off to sleep that we’re fast asleep ourselves by that stage and vrek tired I may add from being up so many times in the middle of the night!!!!

So, roll on a week later and it seems like we’ve resorted to the dreaded SLEEPING WITH ETHAN which we’ve never done before and now I dread that this has become a habit for him and something that we’re going to find very hard to break 😦  I’ve always said I wouldn’t do it but hey, desperate times call for desperate measures!!!!  We have planned to buy his bed this week Sunday though, and from Sunday night, we’ll be trying to get him to sleep on his own in his own bed…watch this space for an update on that 🙂 🙂 🙂


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  1. Zelda says:

    When all else fails …… send him to NANA !!!!

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