Tomorrow, my baby boy comes home after spending just over a week in Durban with his grandparents.  This was the long awaited trip I’d been waiting for, the week that I was going to get a break – plenty of full nights’ rest, alone time with hubby, time to myself and to top it all off, this week was also my “break” from bootcamp so it really worked perfectly. 

Last week Saturday, I left Durban airport with a few tears in my eyes waving goodbye to Ethan.  I knew it wasn’t going to be easy leaving him being only the second time that I’ve left him on his own in Durban with my folks, but I also knew he would perfectly fine with his nana and grandpa.  I felt even more at ease when my big boy happily waved goodbye to mummy and was all smiles.  I arrived in Jo’burg an hour later and ran into the welcoming arms of the hubster and I could see that we both looking forward to our time alone 🙂

On Saturday evening, we had dinner with friends in Rosebank.  It was great to sit in adult company enjoying good food and wine without having to worry about getting home at a decent time so that I’d still get enough sleep before having to wake up for Ethan.  Sunday morning, I was of course up at the crack of dawn, but I happily laid ensconced in our bed reading until I had to get up and go for my deluxe pedi!  I picked up some chocolate croissants on the way back for breakfast and when I got home, I got to cleaning up a few things and packing for our three nights away in Dullstroom and just after lunch, we were on our way looking forward to some “away time”.  We took a small detour on the way when we passed Witbank as my sister’s soccer team were playing a final game there and we thought we’d surprise her and pop around for a few minutes to support her – the look on her face when she saw us was priceless.  After half an hour, we were back on our way again, and we arrived just after 6pm at our amazing accommodation, Cherry Grove

If you’re visiting Dullstroom in the near future and would like accommodation that’s cozy, romantic and ideally located (although Dullstroom is so small that anywhere you stay is ideally located 🙂 ), this is the perfect place.  With a fireplace in each room that’s set up by the cleaners every morning so that all you need to do at night is throw a few matches in, we were happily tucked under the covers most of our time there watching movies.  Otherwise, we took strolls through the little “dorpie”, visited the famous Harrie’s Pancakes, had two amazing dinners and pottered around in the little stores.  We enjoyed walking in the sun hand-in-hand, catching up, reconnecting and just being on our own far away from the hustle and bustle of the busy city!!  Three nights, I must admit, were more than enough though – don’t get me wrong, there’s plenty else to do close by like horse riding, clay pigeon shooting, visiting the bird sanctuary and other outdoor things so it’s not that we were bored being there but for us, we were there to laze in bed and relax and besides which, we are soooo not outdoorsy people!  On Wednesday morning, after our 10am check out, we were happy to be coming home.

When we got home, we did a few odds and ends around the house – the sort that we just don’t ever find the time to do with Ethan around!  I had a lovely warm shower and blowed my hair out (something I haven’t done in about 6weeks…yes, I’ve been rocking the “wet look” for weeks on end now!) and then met up with my sister and her house mate and shopped a bit at Melrose Arch before we ate dinner at JB’s Corner.  I must admit here that my cousin over at Memoirs 4 My Munchkins was quite right when she warned me that “post Ethan’s birth”, shopping for myself would be so few and far between that I wouldn’t even remember when last I bought something for myself with most, if not all, of the shopping being exclusively for our little man.  Walking around the shops with my two lovely shopping companions edging me on to buy more (I DO NOT want to see my credit card bill!!!!) and spoil myself was just what the doctor ordered.  I got everything I needed and a little bit more 🙂  Dinner was fantastic and I even got home early enough to lounge with hubby with some ice-cream while watching series. 

Yesterday was back to work – back to reality!  You know that you had a good break when you’re quite happy to come back to work (okay, that only last for about 10minutes, haha, but still!) and hit the grindstone hard.  After a rather long day, I headed back home, Skyped Ethan and my mum and then sat and played the piano (something I haven’t done in aaagggggeeeessssss!!!!!) for a good hour or so.  After 6, I got ready to head off to Parker’s Comedy at Monte Casino with my team for a bit of a team function/get together.  [As a side:  I must just say at this point how totally disgusting one of the acts were.  Okay, it was his first time on stage and they gave him his first slot on stage at Parkers but dude was one of those comedians who thinks that the more crude and rude you are and the more foul language you use, the funnier you are.  I seriously hope that somebody had the courage to tell him after his 5minutes performance that he’s not funny at all!  Nothing he said even made sense.  Everybody was astounded once he walked off the stage – you know that blank look of utter amazement.  I don’t think one person in the audience laughed or even gave a little giggle, that’s how disgusting he was!]  The other acts were average but overall, we had a good evening out. 

Today, we have nothing planned.  Our last night sans Ethan.  Ethan will be back tomorrow…ONE MORE SLEEP…yeaaahhhhh!!!!!!!  I have missed him so much but this week’s break has been a real God send.  I am truly blessed.  To be able to afford to fly Ethan to Durban AND to go away with my husband.  The biggest blessing of all is to have grandparents who love my child so much!  Thanks nana and gramps for having Ethan over at your house – I can tell by the pictures and his one to the hundred babbling over the phone and via Skype how much fun he’s had.  Can’t wait to see you all but especially my little boy 🙂 🙂 🙂


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