You know that feeling you get when you go away – you have an amazing holiday, you enjoy not having to get up early, not having to go to work and you just appreciate the things in life that you’re normally too busy to appreciate…and then the time comes to leave wherever your “away from home is” and you look forward to going home?  It happens every single time I’m away…it’s always good to get home even after you’ve had a great holiday.  This is how I imagine Ethan felt when he got home on Saturday (after his week and a bit with nana and gramps in Durban)…

I had a very busy Saturday morning doing the things I left until the very last minute to finish before Ethan returned…those boring things like shopping, cleaning the garage, unpacking dusty books from dusty boxes to give away etc…that I’ve been meaning to do for ages but just never get around to doing when Ethan’s around.  My mum let me know that there was an accident on the freeway and traffic was being diverted so they may be a bit later than expected but fortunately, it added no extra time onto their journey and at 3:30, I was standing excitedly outside the house waiting for them to pull in.  My mum let Ethan stand in the middle of the car looking out the front window as they drove into the complex and the look on Ethan’s face was absolutely priceless.  The excitement in his eyes and his Colgate smile when he saw me was one I’ll never forget!  And when he saw the hubster pulling up (the hubster had darted off to the shop to fetch something quickly before they arrived and missed their arrival by a few minutes), he almost jumped out of my arms with excitement.  We spent most of the weekend just marveling at how he’s grown and how he can say this and how he does that and what we love about him as if he’d been gone for years!!

In the week Ethan’s been away, it seems like he’s grown in leaps and bounds and from the few days he was out and about on the beach or at the park with his nana, he managed to pick up quite a nice tan for himself and is looking quite different.  The hugs and kisses that we received were just what the doctor ordered and it reminded me of how I feel when I get home (and when I get to my parents’ house which I also call “home”)…pure happiness 🙂

It’s so wonderful to have my little boy home and I cannot wait to see him this afternoon!!  🙂  🙂  🙂


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