…month of free weekends…yaaaayyyyyyyy!!!!!!!  Five weekends of no plans :-). I cannot explain the excitement I feel knowing this.  Since practically the beginning of the year, we’ve had plans every other weekend, sometimes even a few weekends in a row.  Around mid-April, a friend and I tried to organise a “playdate” for our sons and the first weekend we had available was the first weekend of June!!!!!!!  I couldn’t believe that we had to plan six weeks in advance.

I don’t know if it’s just me but things are just so busy these days…I already have a save the date for a wedding in February next year.  We are so busy that the hubster has stopped trying to keep up and asks instead for an update of our weekend on a Thursday or Friday these days so that he can mentally prepare himself for being on-the-go from Saturday morning till Sunday evening non-stop.

So I’ve decided that for the next five weeks, I’m going to take things as they come – spend loads of time with my family and let Ethan just enjoy being with his parents and having us all to himself.  I’m not saying that we won’t go out or not meet up with other people, but for a change, I want some spontaneity in my life.  I want to go out on a spur of the moment drive, roll around in the grass on the few warm days that we have left and just enjoy the simple pleasures of life and really relax for the next few weekends!  I really can’t wait – this is gonna be an awesome month 🙂


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