One of the things I was curious to see when Ethan was born was how much hair he’d be born with and who’s hair he’d get – the hubsters’ or mine.  He was born with very little hair so we couldn’t really tell who’s hair he had but he definitely had his oupa’s “horse shoe hairline” and I clearly remember my dad commenting (quite non-plussed as the hairline comes from Ethan’s other grandpa and not him) how it’s evident from birth already where the balding would start!

Ethan’s hair grew quite slowly and the growth only began to really take off when he was about 7/8months old.  He started getting these little tufts of curls mainly on the side of his head and as his hair grew, it grew quite unevenly with most of the curls on the sides and top of his head – in fact, a friend of mine commented quite a few times about how his hairstyle resembled that of a circus clown!!  With my dad constantly threatening to take him for a “number 1”, I eventually took him for a trim which made little difference to people who hardly saw him but was good enough for us – at least his hair was even, and after the trauma of him screaming and trying to wriggle free from my death grip firm hold, I was quite happy with his “neatened” look.  Of course, a few weeks later, his hair looked like amini affro again and after weeks (yes, weeks) of uh’ming and ah’ing, we decided to finally give Ethan a haircut today.

So the hubster pulled out his clippers and we decided on a neat “number 3” and braced ourselves for lots of screaming, fussing and crying.  I gave Ethan an ice-cream hoping that it would distract him and we pulled out his chair (a chair that’s almost my age – my parents bought it for me as a child – one my dad’s sat on to cut his hair for years!), sat him down and got cracking.  When Ethan heard the zzzzzzzzzz noise, he turned to look quite unfazed and when the hubster started cutting, he giggled like it was the funniest thing ever.  The “number 3” had hardly any impact and so the hubster took it down a notch (or so he says) and a few minutes later, all my boy’s baby curls were laying in a pile on the floor. I felt like crying!  Really, I almost did.  He looks like such a big boy now and all his cute curls are gone.  Very proud of my boy and big up’s to the hubster for doing such a good job 🙂



The hubster hooking it up!

The hubster hooking it up!

All smiles

All smiles

That was cool mum!

That was cool mum!

Picture perfect - our handsome boy :-)

Picture perfect – our handsome boy 🙂







2 responses »

  1. Zelda says:

    A HUGH DIFFERENCE!!! I love it!!! Now he looks like a little coloured boy from Cape Town

  2. lorna hatley says:

    oh, toooo sweet, he looks just like one of those little chinese emperors. except they don’t smile as lovely as ethan !! time for another baby now. he looks just so grown up, he needs a playmate at home.

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