Ethan is sooooooo super cute these days.  If he sees you doing something, he wants to copy you.  If he does something with me that’s “cool”, he wants his daddy to do the same thing then it’s his turn, my turn, daddy’s turn and sometimes, this even extends to Bear-zy and Daisy (his two teddies that he sleeps with) especially night time hugs and kisses.  He’s also really trying to talk as well.  He’s constantly babbling and can say a lot of words – he’s not stringing sentences together yet but boy, when he does, I think we’re going to battle getting a word in edge wise which is going to be a HUGE problem for me, the talker!  As for the hubster, poor chap is going to need constant silent breaks!!

Over the last few days, I’ve noticed two new words that explain exactly what he’s thinking at that moment in time…WOAH and YOHHHHH – wonder where he gets them from?!  Clearly it’s one of us in the house ‘cos really, we’re just about the only people he sees.  He’s used woah and yoh in quite a number of situations that I think clearly warrant the use of these words…

–          when I walked in carrying my super high work heels (new shoes that are much higher then my usual work shoes, I can clearly understand his surprise at the height of them…thank goodness he hasn’t tried to step into them and walk with them on…yet!),

–          when he pulled out a larger than life potato from the potato bag after pulling out four average sized potatoes,

–          when he sees a truck, his favourite at the moment, every time he sees one it’s truck – woah or truck – yohhhhhhh,

Yoh, boy child is going to be a real talker.  I cannot wait to have long chats with him and the more his personality is developing, the more I’m realizing that he has a great sense of humour too.  He likes to play the fool and can giggle at the littlest things.  What’s that saying – small things amuse small minds…I now know how true it is!  If you say a word he’s never heard before with an over exaggerated high voice or giggle or make a strange sound, this child laughs like he’s being paid for it.  But the most classic thing that happened last week was one that I must make sure to write down and bring up at his 21st one day!  Our nanny often says “jesus” as opposed to saying jeez…bad habit, I know, and not something I want my child picking up on but I think it’s already too late for that…

Last week, Ethan and I were playing on my bed and he was happily rolling around while I undressed him getting him ready to bath.  I grabbed his shoes off and shouted something along the lines of sies Ethan (sies being his favourite word!), your toes are stinky to which he turned, laughed and said “jesus” – wow, he really is a little sponge.  Need to be vveerrrryyyy careful from now on 🙂  Love you my little sponge xxx



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