One of the genes that I seem to have inherited from my mum’s side of the family is that I’m a talker.  In fact, a talker is an understatement.  I can talk for hours on end.  I could probably talk to myself as well – I don’t need an audience, I just enjoy talking 🙂  My aunt always used to joke with me about how I talked so much and she used to say things like – don’t you come up for air, sjoe jo but you don’t ever stop – it used to make me extremely upset for quite a while.  In fact, there were times when I purposely tried to talk less especially when she was around but I got over that pretty quickly…probably due to the fact that I couldn’t actually stop talking, more than anything else, even when I tried! 

I always like to think of myself as being a pleasant, friendly, talkative, easy going person but I do get the sense at times that people find me annoying.  When I started bootcamp at the beginning of the year, I was my usual bubbly self – I made friends pretty quickly with most of the ladies – well, maybe not quite as close as friends, but I learned everybody’s names and made sure to greet everybody when I arrived and when I left because that’s just how I am (and I also think that that’s the polite thing to do!).  At the end of the first camp, I even received the “miss personality” award and I remember the instructor saying to me that I must keep up the enthusiasm and friendliness and if people ignore me, I shouldn’t take it personally because not every camper is as friendly and pleasant as I am and oh boy, did I relate that to one camper in particular immediately.  Her name is Helen – she is HARDCORE!  She’s the type of girl that you can see is tough as nails, she can do men’s pushups for longer than a minute without even flinching.  She’s always at the front of the pack when we run or when we do team exercises.  She always pairs up with the same girl who’s been at bootcamp for as long as she has and is probably equally matched to her in terms of fitness and in fact, she’s now completed her training to become a trainer herself and (thank goodness) trains at another branch.  This girl could barely break a smile on her face though!  Every class I’d attend, I’d greet everybody and often, she’d be talking to the instructor and I’d later say – hey Helen – to which I’d generally receive an unenthusiastic howzit (hey, maybe she didn’t enjoy coming to class??) or a sideward glance and a grunt.  I initially thought that this girl was downright rude, but I realized after a few classes that it wasn’t just me, she was like that to most people.  As the camp went on, she became more friendlier (by that I mean that she’d crack a smile when somebody joked) but I still noticed that whenever I’d say something, she’d barely acknowledge me or would often just ignore me completely and it got me thinking…maybe she just doesn’t like me, maybe I irritated her.  I mean, you can’t expect everybody to like you no matter how hard you try!  There will surely always be people who don’t like you.  Some people just don’t like bubbly people or talkers.  Well, Helen has now moved on to the Sunninghill branch and I must admit, I’m pretty happy that she didn’t start instructing our class because I could just envision her personally having it out for me!

On Monday, as part of our warmup at bootcamp, the instructor explained the game that we were going to be playing to us all.  When she explained it, the general reaction was confusion but we started playing along either way.  After a few minutes, it was clear that nobody knew what they were doing.  Maybe it’s my big mouth, maybe I’m just confident like that but of course, I was the one that spoke up.  The instructor explained once again and we tried again, and yet again, nobody knew how it worked.  She tried a third time to explain and she could probably see by our faces that we were confused – and of course, “big mouth” (READ: ME) had to pipe up again – to which she just shouted, IT’S FINE, JUST LEAVE THE GAME, RUN AROUND THE FIELD NOW!  Of course, running around the field is more difficult than playing a game with cones so none of us were impressed but we were also very astounded at her outburst.  There I was running, feeling bad that I had gone on about something that sounded so simple but I just.didn’!  I’m not going to waste my time standing around not knowing what to do when I can just ask.  As people ran past or alongside me, they commented at how stupid it was for her to throw a tantrum and how none of us got it but I got the feeling that I was the issue, that she was mad at me

It made me think that perhaps she just doesn’t like me, perhaps I irritate her…do I irritate you??


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  1. lorna hatley says:

    i hope that aunt is not me, cause i myself love to talk, even if it’s a lot of nonsense, like MA used to tell me, but she had to laugh. but it’s good that you speak out, and say what you think when things are right. a positive attitude makes one feel aunt L.

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