Typical evening at the Howe house

6pm:  Time to come inside (after hours of playing outside) because at this time, it starts getting cold and dark!

6:30pm:  Dinner at the dinner table (a new thing we’ve introduced for the last week and a bit which Ethan has insisted on funnily enough!) usually involving a lot of messing (Ethan insists on sitting in a “big people’s chair” on top of a big pillow) and throwing food and utensils around (this behaviour screams for a few smacks!).

7pm:  Bath time, a usual favourite with the little one but over the last few days, has involved lots of tears *confused face*.

7:30pm:  Scrambling around the bed in an attempt to (a) dress Ethan and (b) try and stop Ethan from falling off the bed, otherwise referred to as “playtime on the bed”.

8pm:  A tired Ethan kisses us goodnight (he really is an angel at this time of the night) and walks into the kitchen to fetch his favourite – his dummy – and his night bottle and together with Bearzy and Daisy in hand (his bed teddies), he gets into bed and sleeps…peace and quiet, pure bliss!

Typical night at the Howe house

8pm:  Hubby and I watch a bit of tv – usually he chooses as I’m not a tv person (except for Greys on a Monday when he’s at soccer anyway so I wouldn’t really call that him letting me choose 🙂 ).

9pm-ish:  Hot shower while the electric blanket warms up the bed.

9:15pm:  I jump into bed while I wait patiently for my hot drink (usually Milo, sometimes tea) to be served by hubby.

Between 9:30 and 10pm:  Lights out for mama.  Hubby carries on watching tv till whatever wee hour he wants and is usually “on call” if Ethan wakes up during this time. 

Unearthly morning hours at the Howe house

Midnight:  Ethan wakes up crying, hubby goes into the room and tries to pat him or repositions him under the blanket and sometimes ends up laying next to him till he settles.  Side note here:  This is when the little angel starts to disappear and is replaced by something that I can’t even begin to describe but that you’ll understand from the below.  Hubby then gets into bed, I wake up and generally ask something like “did you make Ethan’s bottle?” or “how was the soccer game, what was the final score?” and then we’re off to lala land…generally a full night for hubby, barely a few hours (in total) for me!

12:15:  Ethan resumes crying or moaning or screaming or something to that effect.  

1am:  Ethan is still awake and has been relatively quiet but then jumps off his bed and pitter patters around the house.

[Cue one million walks by me to fetch him from wherever it is he’s walked to – is it really necessary for him to fetch his tow truck at 1am from the lounge???? – and return him to his bed].

2am:  Jump into bed with Ethan as 8/9 returns back to the bed and a wide awake child at this time is just ridiculous!

3am:  Ethan is still wide awake either touching my eyelashes, putting his figure in my nose or trying to sing???

3:30am:  A few smacks are given (if they haven’t already been doled out) and Ethan lays crying in bed. 

4am:  Some quiet is restored to the house and my head is trying to process the two hours or less that I have to sleep before the alarm goes off and whether I’ll be able to survive the day on four hours sleep!!

4:10am:  Hubby starts coughing or birds start chirping or cats starts fighting.

4:20am (or thereabouts):  I am still laying in bed tossing and turning already thinking that I’ve lost close on half an hour and now I’m down to three and a half hours sleep for the entire night!!!

5:45 – 6am:  Alarm goes off (or Ethan starts crying like five seconds before the alarm – why, I really.don’t.know) and I press snooze about seven million three times before I get up, get done for work, make lunches, leave the sleeping dead in the house and the key under the mat for the nanny when she’s stayed at home for the night.

Who wants to trade places with ME tonight? 🙂 🙂 🙂


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