This past weekend, we were lucky enough (compliments of my mum :-)) to fly to Durban to be with my dad at a dinner my mum threw for some family and friends in honour of him retiring.  Yup, you know how you get that pension fund letter and it puts your retirement in 2064 or something equally ludicrous like that and you can’t even envision getting to that date, let alone working till then…well, my dad’s hit his date after working most of his life.  Just imagine not having to get up to go to the office everyday and not having to put in leave when you want to go away or feel like you need a break!  Of course, my dad’s the type of person who would never be able to sit at home for the rest of his life so he’s still going to work but just a few hours a week at his own leisure and pace and my mum can’t wait!!  My mum, being a housewife, has been looking forward to this day for the past few years (my dad’s been threatening to retire for a few years now but has had to stay on mostly out of “allegiance” to his company for want of a better word) and with my little sister now officially out of the house AND my dad retired, they’re on a whole new adventure – just the two of them – can you say road trips, salsa dancing and candlelit dinners!!!!!

So we flew in late Friday afternoon (my sisters both got there on Thursday afternoon) and my dad was pleasantly surprised by our visit.  We were even more surprised at the fact that my mum had managed to keep the secret!  As she herself will admit, it was quite a feat but it really was well worth it.  We all had dinner at Piatto down at the Durban beachfront and even Ethan played along (although I’ve now decided that my son needs just about zero sleep and can survive off a few hours a freaking week – another story for another day) running around pleasantly until we left at 10:30pm, the latest he’s ever been awake till!!  The dinner was good, the company even better and I think that my dad really felt special – way to go mum *high five*!!!!!

On Saturday morning, we got done and went off to a coffee shop that has a little play area where Ethan enjoyed himself while we ate a late breakfast.  We planned the day almost to the ‘T’ so that we could do as much as we wanted, but that Ethan could still have an afternoon nap and that we could stick to “routine” as much as possible so after the visit to the coffee shop, we headed home so that Ethan could nap at 1-ish.  Of course, Mr “I don’t need any sleep” Howe was having none of that.  He laid for a while and then jumped off the bed and came strolling through to the lounge.  My mum then decided to go and lay with him hoping that they could dose off together but that was even more of a “fail” – mum managed to dose off but Mr just got more busy and eventually, an hour later, we decided to just move on with the day and hope that he’d be able to keep it together at the braai we were going to, to celebrate my cousin’s engagement.  My aunt has a crèche on her property, so of course, Ethan was in his element – playing in the sandpit, the toys and riding around on the cars was just up his alley!  We left after 6 and Ethan of course fell asleep in the car from sheer exhaustion.  Then on Saturday evening, we went out to Wakaberry for frozen yoghurt with my baby sister while the ‘rents babysat.  It was so nice to get out, even if it was just for an hour, without having to run around after Ethan or rush to get home.  We got home and watched some tv and then settled in for the night – when one gets the opportunity to have a full night’s rest (especially when those are few and far between), one grabs it with two hands and thoroughly enjoys it 🙂

On Sunday morning, I skipped church as Ethan was still in dreamland when my folks and sister left.  Of course, he got up 5minutes afterwards – where was he going to let me enjoy my cup of tea in peace and quiet?!  We jumped into the shower together and were ready to hit the road to the beach when nana and gramps got back from church.  Yes, the BEACH – for those of you who aren’t familiar with Durban, you say winter, Durban says what’s that??  23degrees and clear skies babee!  The beach was quite busy with lots of people hiring bikes and walking their dogs…and, of course, the “vaalies” swimming!!!  It was so warm, Ethan even got a little bit of a tan and thoroughly enjoyed riding his hired bike.  Of course, when we got home, he was exhausted so he had a nice hour and a half nap while we sat down to a delicious homemade lunch by my mama – steaks stuffed with feta, mushroom and bacon, roasted veggies and fried chips – lunch fit for a king (and me, the queen, hehe) 🙂  After lunch, we rushed over to the airport and an hour or so later, we were back in our little home in Jo’ies.  The joys of travel – in one city now, in another city a few hours with minimal fuss and maximum comfort.  For the weekends, flying is definitely the one…of course, if you have a family of more than two (Ethan currently gets charged 10% of our ticket price to fly so it’s still kind of affordable travelling with him), it is hectically expensive but I’d take flying over driving any day!

Thanks mum and dad for the great weekend in Durbs 🙂  🙂  🙂


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  1. Zelda says:

    You’re welcome! Pity we can’t do it more often. Love you all

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