I LOVE finding places that are little “hidden gems”.  You know those places you stumble across and when you go there, you wonder how come you’ve never gone there before?  Well, this is what we experienced yesterday when we visited the Mushroom Farm Park in Sandton. 

A few people I know have been there with their kids and mentioned it in passing. None of them have given it a – wow, it’s amazing, you have to go (because let’s face it, it’s just a park after all) – so I’ve never really felt that we have to visit it.  Yesterday, however, after spending so little time with Ethan on Saturday (I was at a bridal shower in the day and he slept over at his aunty in the night), I felt like I wanted to spend some serious quality time with him and do something fun for him for a change.  With the weather being a bit warmer than Saturday was,  we thought it the perfect opportunity for us to get some sunshine 🙂  So off we went to the Mushroom Farm Park.  Fortunately, we knew that we had to follow the Hyundai balloon so it wasn’t hard to get there, but finding parking was another story.  Well, we got a space easily enough but boy can that parking area get cramped.  It’s definitely not equipped for cars coming in and out in droves and the hubster had to do a few serious maneuvers to finally gap his way in! 

Ethan had being eye-ing the balloon (bawoon as he says it) since we took the Grayston offramp, so when he got out of the car and saw it directly overhead, he was beyond amazed!  It took us quite a while to distract him away from it but once he was in the sand, he was pretty much pre-occupied with that.  We thought that we’d go up in the balloon but at R45 for Ethan and an additional R70 for each of us adults, we decided against it.  Maybe we’ll do that next time though 🙂

The park is really lovely though.  We walked around the paths, across the bridges, watched the ducks and Ethan even had fun balancing on the little wall alongside the pathway.  What struck me the most about the park was the huge diversity.  People of all different colours, races and ages all just enjoying themselves.  It really is a hidden gem and we’ll be going back there soon along with Ethan’s bikes and some goodies to play in the sand.


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