Remember this blogpost over here – WWJD? – well, dude has now, by the grace of God, found a new full time job in the Sandton area.  Since last year September when he asked me to assist in photocopying his letter for him, I often try and assist him by either providing him with food, old clothes, some cash and we often chat in the mornings on my way to work at the robots.  He is easily the happiest person that I come across every single morning and he really does cheer me up!  Just a 5minute chat while waiting for the robots to pass but he is always positive, excited about the day ahead and happy to see his “newspaper customers” passing by. 

About a month ago, I rolled my window down to greet him and he said “I have really good news“.  Now before the hours of 7am, my brain is barely functioning.  In fact, I think it’s still sleeping until I cross this man’s path!  So when he said that, for a split second, I was totally lost until he told that he had a job interview.  Two days later, he told me that he had got the job and that he’d let me know when his last day selling newspapers is.  On his last day, he ran up to my window, happily said farewell and wished me luck with my life and on my journey ahead and I thought that that was the last I’d see of him…

Clearly not!  Last week, I drove to work on my usual route and as I got to the robots, there was my “old friend” standing on the pavement.  He ran up to my car and literally jumped into the passenger seat.  Yes, he didn’t say a word before he jumped in and I was at such a loss for words that I had no idea how to tell him to get out.  There I was trying to be my usual friendly self contemplating whether this was still a “good samritan” act or if I was being downright stupid for letting a practical stranger get into my car!  So he asked me for a lift to his new job which is along the route that I travel and I chatted for the 10minutes and casually said goodbye when he got out but I must admit, there I was thinking how silly I was and how it could have gone horribly wrong but I think that’s how we human beings are – well, in general – we try and see the good in other people and try and help out where we can. 

The following day, I took the offramp on my usual route and saw him standing on the pavement in the same spot again and I drove past and pretended that I didn’t see him.  Look, I’m generally good with confrontation but I find it very hard to say no to a person so don’t judge me here, I couldn’t think of any other way to not give him a lift again!  Of course, Murphy’s Law, the robot was red when I got there and dude ran all the way down the offramp, knocked on my window and proceeded to have our usual morning chat and then I drove off.  Just like that.  No jumping in my car, no asking for a lift, I didn’t have to be mean or try and figure out how to avoid him or dodge him.  In fact, I felt bad that I pretended to not see him because when I rolled down the window, he told me about how great his new job is and how he even has medical aid now (the things we take for grant *ashamed face*).  When I asked him why he’s there every day when he know longer sells newspapers there, his response was – “this will always be my job, I can’t leave this place“.  I think what he meant was that he enjoys being at that corner, greeting people, brightening up their days because I sure know that’s what he does for me.  So he literally comes to that area every morning and walks from car to car greeting people and then he goes off to start work at his new job at 8am.

You see, you do get good people out there!!!  🙂


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