A part of growing up, being married and having a family is having to make decisions that are best for your family. This often means putting others, and sometimes even yourself, second! Of course this can be hard at times and in most cases, it’s a hundred times easier just to carry on doing what you’re doing or rather just keep yourself happy, but sometimes, these decisions just need to be made.

From January this year, I’ve been at bootcamp three times a week. As I’ve blogged about quite a number of times, I thoroughly enjoy bootcamp – other than for the exercise which my body definitely NEEDS, I’ve made lots of friends and enjoy the hour to myself on those three afternoons socialising and exercising. I’ve got into quite a nice routine generally cooking a night in advance so that when I get home at 6pm on bootcamp days, all I have to do is spend time with my family. There’s no fussing over pots (that happens once Ethan’s down and I can cook at my leisure for the following night) and there’s no arguing over shared baby duty because I generally enjoy the time together with Ethan and when I do need a break, the hubster’s willing and able to help while I lounge in front of the telly, surf the net or consume a much needed and deserved glass of wine.

We also have a nice morning routine going – I leave for work at about 6:40am and if Ethan wakes up in around this time, the hubster entertains him for the half hour or so before the nanny arrives. This of course means that the hubster starts work after 8am (some days closer to 9 due to Jo’burg traffic!) and so cannot get home any earlier than 6pm!!

And this is where our problem comes in…our super nanny generally “lives in”. This does not entail her doing much extra. She doesn’t cook dinner, she isn’t required to work terribly long hours and our live in arrangement (as far as I know) really does benefit us all – she doesn’t have to worry about wasting 2hrs getting to and from work every day and I can rely on her to stay later if I need a hand on the odd occasion that I can’t come home at my regular time. Since January, we changed the arrangement slightly so that she’d work 3days a week till 6pm (as I’m at bootcamp) and this still worked quite well as when I got home at 6, she’d be able to do whatever she does in the evenings – watch her soapies, have a bath, catch a nap etc.

Well, a month ago, her only daughter had a baby boy and has moved up to Jo’burg to stay with her mama, our super nanny! Jeanette explained to me, after her grandson was born, that she’d be going home after work every day to help her daughter for as long as she was staying with her. She also indicated that she thought it would be a month to two months at most. Initially, I told her that I had no problem with it but that I’d still be going to bootcamp three times a week so she could only leave once Angelo got home or at 6pm when I get home. Now the issue with this is that the taxis in Buccleuch are few and far between at 6pm and so she is unable to get reliable transport home which means that we have to drive her to Midrand where the taxis operate till 8pm. Now this may not sound like a problem for most seeing as Midrand is not even 15kms from Buccleuch but at that time of the evening, traffic is rather hectic, making the journey about half and hour to 45mins at most which is more than a trip to work AND back every day for me and let’s not even talk about how ridiculous petrol prices are!!!! The hubster has suggested that she come in earlier so that he can leave earlier and in turn get home earlier so that she can still catch a taxi but how can I expect her to come in before 7am??!!!!! I also cannot possibly tell her that she cannot.go.home because that’s just being insensitive and really, her contract says “live out” (my bad) as well, so I can’t very well insist she “lives in” especially when she explained this all to me and I was happy with it.

So now, we’re basically stuck and the problem is bootcamp 😦 Tough call but looks like I’m going to have to put my family first and give that up at least until things return to normal and super nanny is back to “living in”…


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