I’ve been looking for something “different” to put on our bedroom wall.  Over the weekend, we came across some wallpaper, purely per chance, at one of our favourite stores – yes, we’re weird like that – Builders Warehouse 🙂  You know, they have EVERYTHING including quite a wide variety of wallpaper ranges.  So…we saw a pattern we liked, bought two rolls, R199 each (we had to purchase an additional roll due to the fact that there was a bit of “wastage” when matching the pattern – let’s just say Christmas gifts are going to be awesomely wrapped this year!!), a few packets of adhesive (we only used one for our entire wall 🙂 ), watched this You Tube video as part of our preparation – How to Hang Wallpaper – spent just under five hours in total doing the wall (two hours on Sunday night and another two and a half hours last night) and this is the end result…

Bedroom sans wallpaper

Bedroom sans wallpaper

Wall heater removed - ready to go...



The Master Bedroom (finished look)!

 P.S. We’re happy to negotiate a charge out per hour rate to help with YOUR bedroom 🙂  Hehe


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