I’ve received a lot advice during my 30years on this earth!  Some advice has been silly, some I’ve completely ignored, some has given me some “food for thought”, and some advice has been really really good.  Many years ago, before I got married, an ex-colleague gave me some advice which I often think about especially when I hit a “speed bump” in my marriage…in a nutshell, she said “don’t sweat the small stuff”.  I often think back to this when I want to complain about dishes not being washed, clothes laying around on the floor or instructions not been followed by my “better half”.  Hey, I’m no dictator, I don’t dish out the instructions and wait for them to be followed while I sit with my legs up drinking a glass of wine (okkkk, sometimes I do 🙂 ), but I do sometimes ask the hubster to help out with things like putting the pot of food I’ve cooked for dinner the next day in the fridge before he goes to bed once the pot has cooled down only to wake up the next morning and the pot of food still on the stove!!  It’s times like this that I want to die a thousand deaths/throw a tantrum complain about how I told him to do it and how he didn’t, but I remember not to sweat the small stuff!!  I mean, what difference does it really make if I have to put it in the next morning (granted it’s winter now and the food almost freezes overnight in the cold kitchen – in summer, this may be quite a problem), he clearly forgot and reprimanding him shouting about it could seriously ruin both of our days.  Instead, I can just put it in the fridge myself and move on with the day. 

Anyway, I came across the following blogpost today.  There are some really odd things on the list of “don’ts” (um, don’t hold in your farts – ok then??!!!!), but there are also some really true things too and some of the things make for good advice. 

Enjoy the read  🙂



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