It’s 9:30pm and I’m just about ready for bed! It’s nights like tonight that get me thinking..where does time go? I’m a mum of an almost 2year old, I’m married, I own a house and a car and I cook dinner every night…in fact, tonight, I cooked three different dishes for dinner (one for the hubster and the nanny, one for me and one for Ethan) and two dishes for supper tomorrow night (curry for us and roast for the nanny as she doesn’t eat curry).  In between the cooking, I played outside with Ethan and took him for a walk, fed him, bathed him, put him to bed (the hubster plays soccer on Mondays so I’m all on my own with Ethan)  and I even managed to squeeze in a movie after he went to bed. I’m the responsible wife and parent now.  I think of play dates, cooking dinners and lunches for friends and paying the bills. What happened to the days of laying on the couch watching tv after school while waiting for my mum to cook dinner and my only responsibility being laying the table, washing the dishes and doing my homework…I’m all grown up!!!


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