So after having a “mini meltdown” over the fact that I’m all grown up which I blogged about briefly over here – All grown up – I’ve been giving this a lot of thought.  That’s how my brain works…when something starts to bother me, I think about it all.the.freaking.time!  It takes me days, sometimes even weeks, to stop thinking about something that’s bothering me. 

Anyway, just when I thought I’m over it, I came across this the blogpost below this morning.  Granted, the person who’s written the blogpost must be quite a few years older than me (I assume this because she has a 22year old daughter, if she was my age, she would had had to have her at um, 8?!) so she probably feels a lot older because she IS a lot older, but I can sooooooo relate to the things that she’s blogged about (people born in 1997 can legally drive…as our legal driving age is 18, that translates to 1995 in SA…really???)!  Enjoy the read 🙂

How to Feel Old


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  1. Robyn says:

    Johnny Depp – 50!!! OH MY WORD!!

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