Guys, I HAVE TO do something about my weight!  I know that I’ve blogged about this time and time again – at stages, I’ve decided that being overweight is nothing and that I don’t mind looking like a overweight, unhealthy fatty chubby bunny popping out of my clothes.  But then at other times, my weight makes me so despondent 😦   I wear the same pair of jeans (because they’re the only ones that fit they’re the most comfortable), the same tops to cover the “muffin top”, the same loose fitting clothes to work.  Most of my pants don’t fit over my “post pregnancy belly” (seriously, what did my tummy look like pre-pregnancy??!!!) and since I’ve been doing bootcamp in January, I did feel that weight loss, but I’m not feeling it anymore.  This is largely to do with me having to stop bootcamp which I blogged about here – Tough Call – but also because I’m eating like a pig.  There’s no other word, it is what it is, I really am eating like a pig.  Of course, the hubster doesn’t help much as he loves sweets and chocolates and whenever he wants to spoil me, he showers me with them because let’s face it, what girl doesn’t looovvveeeee chocolate?! 

Anyway, I digress.  After the last few weeks of being home every day between 4:30 and 5pm, not having to rush to bootcamp from work, rush home after bootcamp, get home when it’s dark, rush through supper – I’ve decided that bootcamp just isn’t working.  Don’t get me wrong, it worked for the weight loss and fitness – but time wise, it just isn’t working and I can’t seem to find a better solution to enable me to continue with the programme.  Since I’ve stopped bootcamp, the afternoons that I’ve spent with Ethan have been priceless.  Strolling through the complex, smelling the leaves, watching the boys (in Ethan’s words – boice) on their skateboards, Skyping my mum whenever we feel like it, playing ball…these are the things we’ve been doing!  No rush, no tiredness (yes, the sleep has also been better contributing to the lack of tiredness 🙂 but that’s a story for another day), all the time in the world – mama and her boy.  I’ve enjoyed it so much that I’ve decided not to go back to bootcamp at all.  Yes, you read right – I’m NOT.GOING.BACK!  How will I stop myself from becoming a big fat lump of lard you ask?!  Well…I had another plan in mind and today, I think my plan will actually work quite well 🙂

Post pregnancy, I used to be a little bit of a gym “fanatic”.  Yes, ME, the lazy one!  I was gyming minimum four times a week, sometimes even six times a week!  I was the one in the gym on a Saturday evening at 6pm because I had nothing better to do and a workout sprung up in my mind…on a Saturday, yes, on a Saturday.  Let me just say that this was a good two and a half years ago!  When I joined bootcamp, I must admit that one of a reasons I started was because I thought it was cheaper than gym.  As we’re not on Discovery medical aid, we do not have that awesome benefit of cheap gym rates.  Today, I called Virgin Active to enquire about their rates – not only do they have a special on joining fees, but they also have that “first month free” special AND the monthly rates are cheaper than what I was paying at bootcamp – okay, R50 cheaper but STILL, it’s cheaper.  Plus, Momentum is now also linked to them and with the hubby moving to Momentum, we’ll benefit from the discounted monthly rates from September!!!!!  Of course, there’s the added plus of “Club V” – Ethan will be able to come with me to gym so I won’t have to worry about rushing home or waiting for the hubster to get home so that he can watch him and I’ll even be able to go on weekends without cutting into “family time”.  I am so super keen to do this.  I want to get rid of some of my fat, SERIOUSLY!  I am OVER looking (and feeling) like a 4month pregnant woman!  This tummy has!!!!  Here’s to the Fitness Fanatic – the “new me” 🙂 🙂 🙂

Disclaimer:  The above post has been written on a “I need to lose weight, I’m fat, food is overrated” day.  Please do not hold any of the above against me on a “I love food, losing weight is overrated, I’d rather love life and EAT than go to gym today” day 😉

Virgin Active, I’m coming babeee!!!!!


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