This past weekend, I went away to a game lodge somewhere just past Bela-Bela for a work offsite.  Now, this wasn’t my first time away from Ethan or the longest time away from him, but it was the hubster’s first weekend and night alone with the little “monster”.  In the past, when I’ve gone away for work, either my mum or our nanny has stayed over as well just to give the hubster a hand, especially during the night, but this time, our nanny couldn’t stay over and so the hubster decided that being just one night, he’d take it on!  Of course, now that Ethan isn’t sooooo little and more independent, I was not really worried about them, but I was curious to see how the hubster would cope.

Saturday morning came around and I made sure that I fed Ethan breakfast (he’s a terribly fussy eater) and I briefed the hubster on the routine.  By 9am, I was out of here.  Ethan cried inconsolably when I left but I knew that in the back of my mind, not only would he be fine in a few minutes, but I also desperately needed the break so I put on my “big girl panties” and proceeded to work where the bus and my team awaited for our night away.

The hubster pleasantly surprised me!  Not only did he stick to routine quite rigorously, but he also sent me lots of messages probably more to put my mind at ease than to brag about how well he was doing (who am I kidding, I’m sure that the latter’s more true!) and I thoroughly enjoyed my time away and even managed to not constantly talk about my child but about other “normal” stuff for a change 🙂

The weekend went by waaayyyyyy too quickly but I was glad to get home on Sunday to my guys.  The hubster, in not so many words, told me how he knows I do an awesome job with Ethan but that the time I was away made him realize just how tough it is and how awesome I am (ok, he didn’t quite say that but I’d like to think that that’s what he was trying to say-hehe) and he told me how Ethan asked for his mummy on more than one occasion and how he (Ethan that is) had missed me terribly 🙂

Overall, it was great to get away and I felt quite revitalized returning to work on Monday morning.  My husband did an awesome job, he really is a super dad – he even took Ethan on a play date!!  I really am a blessed wife 🙂

Ethan and Matt playing nicely...

Ethan and Matt playing nicely…


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