For a while now, the hubster’s been looking for a new job.  He was unhappy at his job of over two years and he was desperate to move but of course, God has His own plans, and we patiently waited for the right job to pop up…and of course…it did 🙂 

I’ve been saying to him for ages that he needs to work closer to home.  He’s been working all the way in town for close on four years now, and with crazy Jo’burg traffic, I wanted him to be closer to home, not have to sit in traffic for so long every day and of course, with the petrol price soaring the way it is, if he could move closer, that would also be a petrol saving for him.

As luck would have it (God was clearly listening to my prayers!), he managed to get a job at a company that is literally next door to mine!  Not only are we literally on the same street, but we just have to walk through my company’s parking lot if we want to see each other.  Of course, being the person I am, I couldn’t wait for this move – having the option of grabbing lunch or coffee together every now and again with my main man was the first thing that popped into my head when he started talking about his move. 

Today, he called me up because he’d left his wallet at home (hopefully that won’t become a frequent occurrence!!) and he asked if we could meet half way so that I could give him some cash.  Meeting to exchange cash turned into a casual stroll quick walk to the ATM, a walk back to my office, me buying him lunch then walking him back to his office.  And all of that in a mere half hour!  Neither of us had to get into our cars, we didn’t have to plan the “rendezvous” far in advance and book out time in our schedules, we didn’t have to set aside time in our lunch hour to battle traffic and find parking – we literally agreed to meet, and met up 5minutes later…just like I imagined 🙂 🙂 🙂


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