My parents are currently on route from Durban to Johannesburg.  They’ll arrive sometime later this afternoon and I’ll only get to see them this evening, but the excitement is still there!  It’s been mounting since my mum mentioned coming to Jo’burg a few weeks ago.  Funnily enough, I apparently forgot to tell the hubster about this little visit until yesterday morning.  No!  I didn’t do this on purpose – I’m actually pretty sure I did mention it but he was probably in “selective hearing” mode when I did.  Maybe it just slipped my mind in between having guests from Hong Kong over for a few nights, something we’ve been waiting excitedly for for months (another blogpost for another time!) and arranging our Cape Town trip for my sister’s 21st birthday celebration in Cape Town.  At any rate, they’re coming today and I am so super excited

I’ve been living away from home for a good 12years now.  I moved out pretty much straight after matric to study at UCT and have gone from staying in res, sharing a house with a few friends, sharing a flat with my sister and living with my then-boyfriend (currently, the hubster 😉 ) to living in a flat and then a house with my little family.  I haven’t moved back home since, not even for a few weeks or a few months in between flats and houses.  In fact, I don’t think I’ve even been back home for longer than 2/3weeks in the last 12years but in all of those years, I’ve always referred to (and still do) my parents’ house as “home”.  Unfortunately, we hardly go and visit, and that’s probably why the excitement is always there when they come for a visit.  We’re very fortunate to see them as often as we do and spending time with them is really priceless. 

So, right now, my excitement is on a 12, on a scale of 1 – 10 🙂  Come on home time…hurry up…my parents are coming!!!!!


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