On Saturday morning, Ethan woke up with a slight cough – a cough so slight that we decided to take him to swimming lessons as I assured the hubster that it wasn’t too bad!  The cough has steadily gotten worse over the past few days despite the fact that I’ve been giving him meds for congestion and flu-like symptoms, but all this time, I haven’t really worried about it until today when our nanny called me to ask if I could please get Ethan more meds as he’s cough is really bad.  Now Jeanette doesn’t generally over exaggerate, so when she said it was bad, I took her word for it and immediately decided to book Ethan a doctor’s appointment.

An hour later, I was sitting patiently waiting to see a doctor we’ve never seen before at a practice we frequent.  Ethan was kept occupied in the room filled with kiddies toys and I remember thinking to myself – how the hell am I going to get him away from the toys when the doctor calls for us – but this was the least of my worries at the time.  Ethan’s been a very healthy baby since birth, but on the odd occasion that he’s had to see a doctor before, he’s gone ballistic in the doctor’s room and today was no different!  What is it with kids and doctors?!?!

The minute the doctor walked up to us in the waiting room, Ethan had already buried his head in my shoulder.  He refused to make any eye contact with the doctor despite efforts from the doctor at being friendly toward him and trying to make him feel comfortable.  Nah ah, not my child!  He was not falling for anything. Even getting him to sit on my lap once we were in the doctor’s actual room proved to be a mammoth task until mister spotted the sweets.

Now the doctor, obviously not knowing my son at.all, thought the sweet would be a great bargaining tool for him.  He explained to Ethan, in the nicest possible voice, how he was just quickly going to examine him and how Ethan would get a fizzer straight afterwards.  Naive as he is, he somehow managed to think that Ethan’s head shaking meant yes doctor, I understand, go ahead.  He soon realized that it did not mean that at all!  The minute I sat on the examining bed (or whatever it’s called) and moved Ethan onto my lap facing the doctor, Ethan threw his best performance to date!  A tantrum of note.  Oscar winning material I tell you!  I had to physically hold him down while the doctor did a very quick look over and of course, Ethan was tsoep stil the moment the doctor gave him a sucker!!

We walked out to the bewildered stares of the other patients – the secretary even asked what the doctor had done to make Ethan go so wild.  My poor child :-(. Thank goodness we don’t do this often.  Here’s hoping that the meds work soon and we won’t be repeating this visit any time soon 🙂


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