How in the world are we in October already?!?!  I can’t believe it!  I noticed two weeks ago that Woolies has some Christmas things out aleady *shocked face* – next thing we know, they’ll be playing Christmas carols in the shopping malls too!!!!  It’s finally the week that I’ve been looking forward to for months 🙂  On Wednesday, Ethan and I are off to Cape Town to celebrate my little sister’s (who’s not so little anymore!) 21st birthday.  Unfortunately, the hubster cannot make it…he’s in a new job…leave is scarce!!  So we’re off for some family time in my favourite city, the mother city.  My folks will be there as will my aunt from the UK, and we have lots of family in Cape Town, so the few days that we’re going to be there is going to be epic!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So we leave on Wednesday afternoon – only two days of work for me this week – whoop whoop!  Thursday is my sister’s actual birthday and we’re having dinner that night.  On Friday, I’m off to visit my best friend who’s recently had another baby.  I haven’t seen their new house yet and I haven’t seen her or her family in months.  I cannot wait to catch up face-to-face!!!  On Saturday night, we’re having a family fundraiser – yes, we’re that family who have an annual family reunion and this fundraiser is to raise funds for this year’s reunion…so anybody in Cape Town this weekend looking for something to do…come and join us, my family are epic!  You won’t be disappointed 🙂 🙂 🙂  That leaves me Sunday morning – a quick breakfast (I hope) with the familia and then I’m back to Jo’burg sans Ethan.  Yup, Ethan will be staying with my folks and they’ll bring him back on Thursday next week giving the hubster and I a week alone on our own!!!!!  Of course I’ll miss him terribly but I also know that we need this time alone and it could not have come any quicker.  I am exhausted.  You know that end of the year feeling you get around this time of the year???  Well, add no sleep (well, not no sleep at all but waking up constantly every night is as bad as having no sleep at all!) for 22months to that and you may just have an inkling of how I feel.  While we say now that we’re just going to sleep (well, we’re at work and not on leave so even if we were just going to sleep, it’d only be after work anyway), I’m sure that won’t happen.  I can see myself sitting up late watching tv, getting take-out – the usual things we do when Ethan’s not around in an attempt to emulate our “pre-Ethan” days.  As we’ve discovered before (and I’m sure this time will be no different), we’ll probably spend all four evenings that we’re alone talking about him – how we miss him, how quiet it is and what our “grand plans” for his life are!  Well, we’ll spend three evenings that is because on Sunday…we’re going to the Rihanna concert!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I booked my flight on Sunday morning quite early so that we can prepare and leave early for the concert.  In a hype of excitement that my husband was caught up in some months ago when the Rihanna tickets went on sale and all his female colleagues went giddy over buying tickets, he went ahead and bought us tickets as well.  I don’t think we’ve been to a live concert in over 10years.  Okay, we’re not thhaatttttt old but we’ve just never done it – well, not in many many years.  I’m really looking forward to it.  Talk about reliving our “younger days” 🙂  I have absolutely no idea how we’re going to cope at work on the Monday morning, but I’m pretty sure that I won’t be making the 5:15am spin class like I did this morning!  Anyway, we have nobody to think about but ourselves!  So what if we’re so exhausted that we can’t keep our eyes open??  We’ll just get home and sleep right?  Riiggghhhtttt  🙂 🙂 🙂

While we’re enjoying our few “childless days” in good old Jo’ies, Ethan will be road tripping with his nana and grandpa.  They’ll be doing the trip from Cape Town to Jo’burg over three or four days and I’m sure that they’ll all enjoy spending time together.  You know how grandparents are to little kids – the absolute world!  I’ve been prepping Ethan since last week about the pane (plane in Ethan’s words) that we’re going on on Wednesday with Aunty Ya (Aunty Lau in his words) to see nana and gampa (grandpa in his words) and I’m sure that he’ll be over the moon when he sees them all in Cape Town!  And the one-on-one adoration attention that he gets from them in the few days that they’ll be on the road to Jo’burg will be just.up.his.alley!  They’re due to arrive back on Thursday which works very well with my busy schedule because on Friday, I’m off to Sun City for a work weekend away.  No strat, no team exercises, just partying, fun and relaxation. 

I’m afraid to say that I’ll probably be doing minimal partying and more sleeping, but it’s really just what I need and an end to a perfect “time out” that I would have had in the week leading up to this weekend away.  While most people chose to go hot air ballooning (I did that two years ago and while absolutely awesome, I can’t think of anything worse than waking up at 3am again this year just to float up into the air with a bunch of seriously drunk hungover colleagues) or some of the more adventurous activities that Sun City has to offer, I chose a full body massage!!!!!!!!!!!  And at a decent hour of 10/11am if I remember correctly, I’ll have the perfect “me time” in the morning relaxing, having breakfast and lazing around.  I plan on taking my Kindle with, and I’m really just going to relax.  I hope that the weather plays in our favour and we have some time to laze around the pool like we did on our last offiste there, but if it rains, all the better 🙂

Yup, that’s what I have to look forward to in less than two days.  A week and a bit of holidaying!…In other news, this weekend, I got my second tattoo – something I’ve been wanting to do since I was pregnant with Ethan.  I can’t believe that it’s taken this long.  I have no idea why!  I’ve always known what I wanted and having already had another tattoo, it wasn’t like I was afraid of the pain…so I guess I was just procrastinating, but I eventually got it yesterday and I’m very happy with it.  I also got to spend the afternoon with my sister and her friend over seafood and wine while the hubster spent some quality time with the E-man at home.  Just what the doctor ordered. 

Well, that’s all for now folks…over and out xxx


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