The past week and a bit has been absolute bliss!  Almost two weeks ago (yes, that’s how time flies!!), Ethan, my sister and I jetted off to Cape Town for four nights of “family time” which I wrote all about in this post – A little bit of this and that.  Cape Town is really such an amazing city and spending time got me rethinking about whether we should be making the move back there or not.  Soon after I came back from my trip, I came across this article – 6 Months in the mother city – and it’s really got me thinking about it again.  Just over a year ago, the hubster and I made the tough decision to stay in Jo’burg.  At the time, moving back to Cape Town was a very real possibility but we decided to park that option for a few years choosing instead to stay put in Jo’burg.  My trip back to the mother city really got me thinking about the move again and although I haven’t decided as to when I want to move back, Cape Town is very much still on the cards for me.  Maybe it’ll be in 2years, maybe in 12 but I know that I want to move back there and make it my home again!

Anyway, enough about that.  My time away was amazing!  My sister’s 21st birthday dinner went very well and she was very spoilt with amazing gifts and a great evening with family and friends.  I spent a whole afternoon with my bestie in Robertson and got to see her newborn baby.  An added bonus was how well our boys played together – her eldest is 6months older than Ethan and it’s the first time they’ve ever been together so we were very chuffed that they got along so well (well, as well as kids that age can I guess 🙂 ).  Karaoke on the Saturday evening was fantastic!!  To see all the family was so special.  Ethan was on his best behavior.  Constantly thrown out of his routine and completely out of his comfort zone, he thrived with all the attention and very happily “went with the flow”.  I proudly accepted all the compliments about what a well behaved and well mannered child he is.  Leaving him on Sunday to come back to Jo’burg was tough – I shed a few tears when I said goodbye especially when I told him in the morning that I was going to leave him alone with nana and grandpa and come back to Jo’burg without him to which he responded “no mummy“, but like a typical boy, he happily waved me goodbye when the time came to leave without any issues, more occupied with his new toys which my aunt flew all the way over from London for him, than concerned with the fact that I was leaving.

The four days alone with the hubster were pure bliss.  I dumped gym (yes, I did – don’t judge!) to sleep in in the mornings and come home early from work in the afternoons.  The Rihanna concert on the Sunday night was very average in terms of the performance but we had a great night out and the crowd really made the evening!!  Monday night was very relaxed at home and rather quiet.  We ate dinner together, watched tv and chatted in between (of course, mostly about Ethan as I expected!) but it was rather strange to have silence in the background.  No little mannetjie (as the hubster refers to Ethan) running around screaming, demanding attention and interrupting our conversation, no schedule/routine to stick to and no care in the world – just the two of us 🙂  On Tuesday, we hit the mall straight after work and literally shopped until we dropped!  We finished off our evening with dinner at Sandton and spent the rest of the evening in front of the tv at home.  On Wednesday, we ate dinner at home and went to watch a 7:30pm movie just because we could!

Thursday couldn’t have gone any slower.  From the time I walked into the office, I was counting down the hours till home time.  I left early and was waiting excitedly for Ethan when my folks pulled up.  He was just as excited to see me, jumping out of the car and into my arms and showering me with hugs and kisses.  Then he jumped into Aunty Lau’s arms for more loving and literally sprinted to Jeanette, our nanny, when he saw her.  He proceeded to tell us his stories in his own language (I’m beginning to think that he’s been watching Naruto with the hubster because he sounds like he’s speaking Japanese in between the few words that he’s now able to string together that we understand) – the mountains, the thunder (in his words – thunder’tjies – wonder where he got that from??), the lions and the puppies.  He was on cloud 9 all day and I worried that he’d battle getting back into “routine” but he happily went to bed without any issues just after 8pm.  Of course, that was short lived – he spent most of the night crying on and off and I eventually slept in his bed at 3am and woke up exhausted the next day but I quickly pulled myself together with a bit of make-up and an overnight bag ready for our weekend party offsite to Sun City and what a weekend it was.

Of course there was the partying but for the most part of it, I spent hours relaxing, reading, chatting with colleagues, swimming and let’s not forget my one hour full body massage – pure heaven!  The food was good, the little detail – from the party packs left on our beds on the Friday night, the themed dinners and the endless entertainment – didn’t go unnoticed, and although lots of people had endless complaints from the hotels not being so fancy to the fact that some people were put up in the Palace of all places, I thoroughly enjoyed my weekend away and it was the perfect end to the perfect week.  I came home on Sunday feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and ready to tackle the last few weeks of the year!!

It’s great to have my baby back home.  The house is filled with noise – jumping on beds, sprinting in passages, children’s chat (my child can now identify colours, count to eleven, complete stories – not by the hair of my chinny chin chin and the likes) and singing nursery rhymes.  Unfortunately, I have a bladder/kidney infection and have been out of sorts for all of yesterday and today, but on a positive note, our nanny’s living in full time during the week and as I type this, Ethan’s gone for a work to the shop with her…pure bliss 🙂

Anyway, back to the grind stone – supper to cook, bathtime to sort out and a husband to take care of.  Back to life, back to reality…and I’m loving it!! 🙂 🙂 🙂


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