Some random thoughts while I sit waiting for my car to be fixed (2hours later-another post for another day when my phone battery’s not about to die)…

– The older I get, the more patience I have….or does that come hand-in-hand with having a child?!

– Cars are super expensive – I’m thinking of getting a new one but is that a wise choice seeing as mine is fully paid off?!

– I’m a serious “food snob”…this said while sitting at a restaurant in the middle of an industrial area where I’ve just wolfed down a burger purely out of desparation!!!!

– I’m greatful for the help of my sister a.k.a. Aunty Ya – thanks Lau for all your help and support especially with Ethan ❤

– I don’t have enough leave days!!!!!!!!!

– Can this Jo’burg weather seriously make up it’s mind…is it winter, summer or wimmer???!!!!

– What did I do before my iPad, why doesn’t it have 3G and thank goodness I used it to take pics at the zoo yesterday or I wouldn’t have taken it to work to show my friend the pics and therefore wouldn’t have had it with me or it’s games to keep me occupied for the last 2hrs 🙂

– What am I going to do when my parents get older and need me around more? (Mum, please start sharpening that brain now, your message today is worrying – haha)

– What can I make with my chicken tonight that’s different? I’m so bored of the same “sides”…

– I need to stop thinking so much before my brain explodes!!!!

Battery dying…over and out 🙂


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