Yesterday afternoon, I joined my sister and Ethan at the Spur for some early evening, midweek fun 🙂  As the afternoon showers hit Jo’burg and spoiled our plan to go to Papachinos (playing outside in the rain is definitely not an option as far as I’m concerned! and how can you take a child to a place like Papachinos then tell them they can’t play in the play area?!), we were lucky that the rain passed over Morningside pretty quickly and Ethan was able to get out into the play area the moment he and my sister arrived.  When I arrived straight from work, he had just had his face painted as Spiderman.  We tried to get him to stand still to take a photo and after much trying, finally managed to take the picture below.  Doesn’t he look adorable?? 



When I showed him the photo, he was highly amused, and we kept on ooh’ing and aah’ing about his Spiderman face as one does when a child gets his face painted.  When we got home, I showed him his face in the mirror and he absolutely loved it!  Of course, all good things come to an end and I had to remove the facepaint at bathtime.  A little while later, we were sitting on the couch looking at photos on my cellphone together from our Cape Town trip.  I came across a photo of the two of us (note: this was taken weeks ago.  Ethan was dressed smartly for my sister’s 21st, mum was all dolled up in her “going out” clothes 🙂 ) and the following conversation took place between us:

Me:  Who’s that in the picture?

Ethan:  Mummy (huge smiley face!!)

Me:  And who’s that next to mummy?

[without hesitation and great excitement…]

Ethan:  SPIDERMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kids, you gotta love them – they really do say the darndest things!


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