…the muffin man top?!?!  Yup, you know what I’m talking about.  That bulge that just won’t go away!

For those of you who know me and those who follow my blog, you’ll know that I seem to flit between being really healthy, eating wisely and doing exercise in an attempt not only to lose a bit of weight, but also to stay healthy…to enjoying life, eating what I want and not exercising at all!!  Hey, I’m a woman after all…we’re allowed to change our minds 🙂  And I change my mind on this subject so often!!!!!

Well…remember this post over here – Here’s to the Fitness Fanatic?!  Since then, I joined the gym and I’ve been going religiously three times a week.  Some people say that’s not enough but hey, for me, at least it’s something.  I’m thoroughly enjoying spinning – to make it to a 5:15am class, especially on a Monday morning, you have to enjoy it I guess.  I find that the hour in the gym also gives me a little “me” time.  Time when I don’t worry about anything else but keeping to the pace or remembering the steps of the class.  The aerobics classes make me giggle a little every time I do them.  We’re like a well oiled machine 30minutes in – all 15 or so of us!  You know those movies when everybody breaks into song and dance and you wonder how everybody knew every step of every dance and managed to do it so perfectly…that’s how I feel in those classes – like I’m part of a performance.  I love the way everybody’s in sync (okay, there are the odd few – of course, not me 😉 ) who are a little lost, can’t keep up or are totally offbeat – but nobody’s watching anybody else (or maybe they’re all watching me!! that’s what keeps me going 10minutes in when I look up after the warm up and realize that there’s still 50minutes left of the class!!!!) and I love that at the end of the class, we’ve put a whole routine together while at the same time burning up a sweat.  Often, at night while I lie in bed, I run through the routine over and over again in my mind unable to even lift a toe from sheer physical exhaustion but I really do love it.

A colleague at work asked me last week Friday (after I told her I’d been to a 5:15am class that morning) whether I’m seeing the difference in the gyming and I told her that I didn’t to which she asked what’s the point of me gyming then??  So I told her how I’m eating like crazy at the moment – whatever I want, whenever I want – and that to see a real difference, I need to actually change my diet in addition to the exercise which I’m not so sure I want to do.  But then over the weekend, I looked at myself in the mirror quite a few times and noticed my muffin top!  Yes mum, that one you spoke about years ago when we were growing up that I promised I’d never have (in addition to the cellulite…where in the world that come from??) both which I now have in abundance.  The muffin top that makes me look at least 4months pregnant (okkkkk, 6! I’m being kind to myself here 😦 ), the one that prevents me from wearing a size 12 pants ‘cos it fits perfectly over my thighs (hey! I’m proud of that 🙂 ) but won’t come anywhere close to closing around my tummy!

I need to make a plan and I need to make one soon.  I’m so worried that I’ll live with this for the rest of my life and just settle with one size bigger – the “gangster look” – just because it fits over my tummy, never mind the fact that it’s baggy around my thighs.  Didn’t Oprah say something about doing 150 situps every day…I wonder if that will work?

Aggghhhh…the joys of being a woman (I say this while sipping on an Amarula 😉 )!!  I’ll have to watch again from tomorrow…I did give both chocolates that my husband packed in my lunch bag today to two colleagues…that’s a start surely!!!!


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  1. etate@mweb.co.za says:

    Eish Jo – u really make me laugh gal! Ur sooooo like me – I feel ur pain HE-HE
    Sent via my BlackBerry from Vodacom – let your email find you!

  2. lorna hatley says:

    hi jodie,i really cringe when i hear you go to a 5-15am class. so gooooood for you. also glad you are really enjoying your class. now do what i do. just by eating a little less, iam definitly losing weight. i have my tea every evening on a side plate.DO NOT PILE IT HIGH.that will not work. and every free moment you get dance in the kitchen, lounge bedroom, wherever it suits you, and to nice beat music that you love. you will fall into this routine and love it. i will skype you soon ,then we can chat. love to you 3.xx aunt. lorna.

  3. Rufus says:

    Lol…I enjoyed this one. Keep going – don’t give up!!

  4. Rufus says:

    I can vouch for the chocolates given away since I had one of them! Lol….

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