I’ve blogged about my love of music plenty of times!  Those who know me know that I LOOOVEEEEEE musicals.  Perhaps it’s because of years of playing the piano, singing in the choir and attending musicals with my family at the theatre…perhaps it’s because my parents love musicals as my cousin so rightly pointed out about her own parents this morning when I sent her this link over here;-


and we were trying to figure out how both of us know the song (my sister and I even sang this a few years ago as a duet in a talent evening at our church!!) when we’ve never watched the musical – apparently, it’s from Chess?? (thanks Wikipedia :-)). 

Anyway, a few weeks ago, I was at work listening to some music on YouTube when I came across a song from the musical, Sweeney Todd.  As I listened to the song, it made me think of how awesome the movie was.  I asked a few people whether they’d heard the song before and I was horrified to hear that nobody had even heard of the movie let alone the song!  It got me thinking about the musicals (and I’m using the term “musical” quite loosely in this blogpost) that I enjoy and I’ve been thinking about them ever since.  So below is my little list of “must see” musicals (and no, The Sound of Music is not part of the list because I must be honest, although the music is awesome, I did NOT enjoy the movie at all)…

  1. The Phantom of The Opera – Andrew Lloyd Webber is absolutely amazing!  As a musician, I can truly appreciate his sheer genius when it comes to composing.  Other than the music, the story is absolutely beautiful and the theatre performance that we saw in New York City a few years ago was seriously out of this world.  The stage, the props, the cast, were all top shelf!!  A must see for those who love a love story 🙂
  2. Sister Act (this is where I use the term “musical” loosely!) – although this is not a musical, the performance and the music while although very simple, is really a classic.  I think my sister and I have watched both part 1 and 2 time and time again.  For those of you who like to channel surf/hop on DSTv, you’ll agree with me that Sister Act has been seriously overplayed.  They must play it at least once a month!  And you know what the sad thing about it is…my sister and I watch it every.single.time.  We even message each other when it comes on so that the other sister doesn’t miss out!  Hehe.  We know every word, we can tell you with our eyes closed which nun is singing and we can quote lines (very random!!!) out of this movie.  In fact, I think that this is the only movie that I can quote lines out of.
  3. Sweeney Todd – I don’t even know where I heard about this movie.  I don’t recall it coming onto the movie circuit at all.  I don’t recall anybody telling me about it and quite evidently, it wasn’t such a hit if nobody I know (besides my little sis and my mum) know about it.  I remember the night I hired it at the DVD store (yes, it was that long ago – before the days of “pirating” – hahahaha).  I was living on my own at the time, I had no plans other than to spend the evening indoors that Friday night, and I had pre-booked the DVD during the week afraid that by the time I got there, it would already be hired out!  So I rushed from work – picked up sushi for starters, a Nandos burger meal for dinner and a small lemon cheesecake from Woolies for dessert (can you tell that this was a night to remember for me????!!!!!) and I cuddled in bed with my Sweeney Todd DVD.  The movie was bizarre, seriously bizarre but an amazing performance by my favourite actor Johnny Depp and actress Helena Bonham Carter and with the two being directed by the amazing Tim Burton (not a first may I add – they work so well together!), this movie just couldn’t go wrong.  The music is absolutely amazing, and seriously, I really think it’s a must watch for those who enjoy musicals!!!
  4. Les Miserables – when this came on at the movies, my friend told me how absolutely brilliant the theatre production that she watched live in London was – I’d never ever heard of this.  Strange being so musical hey?!  Anyway, she went to watch it at the movies and again gave it raving reviews but she did mention that it was 3hours long and with a baba at home, setting aside 3hours to go and watch a movie of all things is very hard for me to do!!  After hearing numerous people say how amazing it was, I decided that I had.to.go.and.see.it.  Of course, by that time, just about everybody I knew had already seen it and my sister (who doesn’t like musicals!) refused to “waste” 3hours of her time going to see something she wasn’t keen on seeing.  Then I got lucky…somebody I knew had downloaded it and my husband got me a copy.  I sacrificed my Saturday AND Sunday nap (I usually nap when Ethan goes down over the weekend) to watch the movie in two parts and boy was it worth it!!!!  The performance is absolutely incredible and the music really is out of this world.  And to think that actors (not singers!) sang all the music themselves…okay, seeing Russel Crowe singing was almost as strange as seeing Pierce Brosnan singing in Mamma Mia (it’s a tough contest between who was better if you ask me!) but the other actors really held their own.  I can’t wait for this to come on M-Net and to watch it again 🙂 
  5. Mamma Mia – all the ABBA fans must surely have enjoyed this.  Funnily enough, I don’t recall my parents or anybody I know listening to ABBA when I grew up.  Maybe I just blocked out the strange music, hahahahaha.  When I finally saw this musical on a visit to Durban with my sister and parents, I was seriously entertained.  It’s such a feel good movie! 
  6. Hairspray – yes it was corny but again, the music is fantastic and John Travolta really gave a good performance if you ask me for my two cents opinion!  We saw this at the movies, on DVD AND live at Emperor’s Palace a few years ago.  This is another feel good movie that makes me want to stand up and dance every time I hear the music. 
  7. Anniecome ooonnnnnn????  Who doesn’t like Annie?!  The story of a little girl from an orphanage who, in a nutshell, melted the heart of a wealthy man so much that he ended up adopting her.  I’ll never forget watching this as a child and being very confused as to why Mrs Hannigan (was that her name?!) drank so much and loved her alcohol so much that she even threw some in her bath water.  In fact, even as an adult, I’m perplexed by this bizarre behavior!!!  Annie was so adorable – that mop of hair, that little freckled face.  I must have seen this live at least three times! 
  8. Mary Poppinssupercalifragilisticexpialidocious???  I remember watching this with my mum years ago.  That spoon full of sugar that helps the medicine go down?  Classic!  I remember blogging a while ago about my ideal nanny being based on this…If you want this choice position, Have a cheery disposition, Rosy cheeks, no warts!, Play games, all sort.  You must be kind, you must be witty, Very sweet and fairly pretty, Take us on outings, give us treats, Sing songs, bring sweets.  Sweet hey?

With the list of musicals I know and have watched, I could go on forever and a day with this list, but the above are definitely my favourites.  I know musicals aren’t for everybody – like I said above – my own sister doesn’t even enjoy them.  But if you enjoy musicals, please see all of the above 🙂   And if there’s any that you love that I haven’t mentioned, let me know.  I’m a sucker for musicals!!!


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