I don’t ever remember being so busy – ok, I’ve also never been this old and never had a family of my own – but I don’t remember my parents being so busy either!  When we were younger, I clearly remember my folks often just phoning up a relative or friend and telling them we’d pop over if they were around (that same day may I add) and they were home!  I rarely recall them not being at home and even if they didn’t pick up, we’d often just take a drive and they’d mostly be home having just come back from church, the shops or visiting someone else.

Why are people so busy these days or is it just a Jo’burg thing????  Plans are made forever and a day in advance!  I sent Ethan’s birthday invitation out about 8weeks in advance and more than one person commented on how early I had sent it out (or how “organised” I am) but that’s what a person has to do these days!  My cousin was just telling me the other day how she was trying to co-ordinate their annual friends’ Christmas dinner yet nobody had a free weekend for something like 5weeks!!  Another friend and I were to supposed to meet up with our husbands yesterday but I asked her to reschedule as the hubster couldn’t make it and she said they can next do some time in January…ok, granted, her husband works some weekends so that’s slightly different!!  I wanted to set up a “play date” with another friend next weekend and they have something on every weekend for the rest of the year too…

When did life get so busy??!!!!  And it’s not even just because it’s the “silly season” approaching!  It’s always like this!!!!  I remember at the beginning of the year, we had something on every weekend for the whole of February AND March!!!!!  It was at that time that the hubster put his foot down and refused to do more than one thing a weekend – afterall, weekend’s are supposed to be relaxing aren’t they??  These days, we spend most of our weekends chilling, playing outside with Ethan and on the odd occasion, we venture out of the house to do the things we don’t get to do in the week.  Otherwise, I rather use my weekends to just recharge and if family and friends are too busy to “hook up”, then so be it 🙂


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