I’ve heard this saying somewhere before and this morning, it rang out so true for me!

Having children is like letting your heart walk around outside your body.

Two years ago, I was patiently waiting to meet my first born child.  Having long passed all the dates that everybody in my family had friendly bets going on (I was SO HUGE that everybody was convinced Ethan was coming early, except for my father funnily enough!), my gynae agreed to wait one more weekend after my estimated due date, the 2nd of December,  just in case he made an appearance on the weekend and if not, he was happy to induce on the Monday morning, the 5th of December.  The Sunday night before, I remember the hubster and I sitting chatting about what we thought Ethan would look like, how we were going to tackle the birth together and I clearly remember having the very emotional conversation with him where I asked him (with big crocodile tears in my eyes) to promise to take care of Ethan if something happened to me during labour (being pregnant does the strangest things to a persons body AND mind!!).  On the Monday morning, with great excitement, we got into the car at 5:30am and headed for the hospital where we had to be at 6am.  We held hands walking in together for the last time as a family of two and roughly 11hours later, after a few hours of labour which resulted in a caesar, we were holding our little boy in our arms marveling over every little thing about him – his ten fingers and toes, the way he looked just like a Howe, how big he was (4.28kgs at birth) and how wide-eyed and alert he was the moment he came out of his mama’s tummy. 

Today, we celebrate his 2nd birthday.  How two years have gone past so quickly amazes me.  My child is a little person.  He has his own personality.  He’s met all his milestones with ease.  He’s even sleeping through the night on most nights – something that we’ve battled with for 2years now.  He’s talking and stringing sentences together.  He has friends in the complex who he spends all afternoon with running around and playing.  He makes my heart ooze with love at just the simplest smile or laugh.  My mother often tells me how being my mother is more than she can ever have imagined and I can fully understand what she means.  My child, my son, the love of our lives.  Ethan has brought us so much happiness.  No, it hasn’t been an easy road but it’s been so worth it!  And it’s true what people say – you forget all the things you struggled with while your child was a baby.  I’m talking about those early years…the teething, the crying, the nappies!, the checking up to make sure they’re breathing on that first night they sleep through, the sleepless nights…ummm, okay, not the sleepless nights, I haven’t forgotten about those yet!  My son is two!!  Wow – I cannot believe it.

Last night, we set his gifts up on the couch in our room.  I made sure that my iPad was close at hand to take some videos and pictures this morning.  I had the candle out next to the cupcake that I was going to light for him to sing this morning, and when I went to bed, I felt that feeling that one gets on the night before Christmas.  I knew that Ethan probably didn’t feel half as excited as me and I also know that he doesn’t fully  comprehend the meaning of it being his birthday, but I wanted my little heart to feel special.  I wanted him to know that it was his day and I wanted to make all the effort I could hoping that he’d give us that special smile this morning and oh was it worth it. 

The hubster and I were up at 6am waiting patiently for the birthday boy to wake up, and of course, the birthday boy kept us waiting!  He’s normally up at 6am like clockwork but this morning, he slept till 6:45.  If it wasn’t for the nanny screeching talking loudly on her cellphone, I’m sure he would have slept even later than that but I was glad that he woke up then as the excitement was really killing me!  He walked into our room and gave me the biggest smile when I showed him his gifts.  He ditched his usual morning bottle for his birthday cupcake and then ditched the cupcake for his presents of course!  The hubster bought him a huge truck with cars and being a typical boy, he wouldn’t open anything else after that even giving me a stern “NO” when I suggested he see what else we bought him.  After a little while, he opened up the other gifts and was equally as excited about them all. 

I left him at home this morning playing with his birthday toys.  Words cannot explain how happy I felt driving off thinking about how happy we made him this morning.  I don’t know what I did before I had a child but I do know that he’s changed my life and I wouldn’t have it any other way. 

I love you Ethan Howe.  Happy Birthday 🙂 🙂 🙂

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday!



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  1. thecolouredfulwife says:

    He may just be the cutest 2yr old alive!!
    Blessed Birthday to your beautiful boy!

  2. etate@mweb.co.za says:

    Nice blog Jo!

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