Finally some peace and quiet in the Howe residence *phew*.  Tonight was enough of a disaster to put anybody off kids forever and the worst is that it’s just the beginning, or so I’ve been told!  For those of you with kids younger than 2 who are still reading, seriously, stop now.  Okkkkk then, carry on reading – I know you will and you’ll be saying my child will never be like that cos that was us a few months ago…

Everybody’s heard about the terrible 2’s!  I think that even people without kids know about this “phase” kids go through but seriously, I really was NOT prepared for this!!!!  Why didn’t I believe my cousin when she blogged about how her son who literally changed overnight when he turned 2?  Why did we just laugh the nurse off when she said that if we wait until Ethan’s 2 to start trying for another child, we’d change our minds altogether after experiencing the terrible 2’s??  There we were convinced Ethan was a saint – such a pleasant happy child and just like that, 2 came knocking on our door barely a week ago and this child has lost his bloody marbles is carrying on like he rules the roost…

– he demands his way…this is either in the form of screeching like a banshee at the top of his lungs, throwing everything in sight on the floor out of his path of destruction or writhing on the floor crying so hard, you’d swear we’d thrown out his dummies or something!

– NO is his new favourite word….you’d swear it’s the only word he knows and it’s usually followed by “I don’t like this one” (dude has a preference over his million cars these days), “I don’t want this one” (that’s when he doesn’t wanna eat the meal you’ve put in front of him…we hear this phrase at breakfast, lunch AND supper!!…guess who’s not eating these days) or “I don’t want to mummy” which is basically the line he uses every.single.time I ask him to do something!

– he wants another one pleeeaaaaasssssse mummy of any luxury he gets and after you give him another one, he says oooonnnnneeeee more…the problem with this is that even when you give him one more, he says llllaaassssssttttt one in this little sweet pleading voice and heaven forbid you say no…yup, tantrum of note!  He also clearly doesn’t understand the meaning of last one 😦

– he wants everything now…if you cannot give him what he wants now, queue temper tantrum!

I’ve tried my best “death stare” on Ethan.  I really have.  You know what he tells me: don’t look at me (with drooping bottom lip and all).  We have a loooonnnngggggg road ahead of us.  Paddy wacks are going to be flying around on this side of the world like it’s going out of fashion.  I can safely say that this “milestone” is one that I’m not looking forward to.  Should I be praying for patience now or should Ethan start running and saying his prayers??!!!


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